Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 17/2016

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Rich Halley
The Outlier: Rich Halley 5

Holothuria: Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra

Autotrophy: Giacomo Cioni

Blaise Siwula
Songs of Deception: Mérida Encuentro
Time In: Blaise Siwula, as, Ts/ Eric Plaks, P

Ljubljana: Carate Urio Orchestra
Stirrup Cut: F Lonberg-holm, Cello, G/ Nick Macri, B/ Charles Rumback, Dr

Good Bye Red Rose: Chefa Alonso, Ss/ Tony March, Dr
Withdrawal: Spontaneous Music Ensemble

Jeff Denson
Concentric Circles: Jeff Denson Quartet

Vento Di Maestrale: Giorgio Albanese

Flow: Generations Quartet

AMN Picks of the Week: Reconnaissance Fly / Cyanotype / Lesley Flanigan / Bent Knee / Bafus & Brewer / BC Grimm

ReconnaissanceFly_OffByOne_CoverHere is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Reconnaissance Fly – Off By One (2016)
Cyanotype – Two Silent Schnauzers (2016)
Lesley Flanigan – Hedera (2016)
Bent Knee – Shiny Eyed Babies (2014)
Jon Bafus / Jed Brewer – Tangled Tones (2016)
BC Grimm – Orbis Obscura (2016)

Second Inversion Reviews

English: Darcy James Argue, moers festival 2009

Source: Second Inversion.

Northwestern University Cello Ensemble’s Shadow, Echo, Memory
Daniel Wohl: 323 (Transit) on New Amsterdam Records
Darcy James Argue: Phobos (Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society) on New Amsterdam Records
Missy Mazzoli: Vespers for a New Dark Age (Victoire, Lorna Dune, and Glenn Kotche) on New Amsterdam Records
Kevin Puts: River’s Rush (Marin Alsop, Peabody Symphony Orchestra) on NAXOS Records
Maya Beiser’s TranceClassical

Daniel Fishkin’s Tinnitus Suites: 2016 in Philadelphia

Source: Bowerbird.

In 2008, composer Daniel Fishkin’s ears started ringing, and they never stopped. Doctors offered no solace besides, “You get used to it.” In the absence of a medical cure, Fishkin vowed to find a creative solution. “I do not want to get used to my hearing damage – I want to use it.”

Composing the Tinnitus Suites: 2016 is a concert series and sound installation that investigates the aesthetics of hearing damage. The series is anchored by the Lady’s Harp – a system of 20-foot long piano wires activated by mixer feedback, using guitar pickups and pressure transducers to coax the strings into vibration. The Lady’s Harp’s buzzing strings create a forest of sound; as you walk around the room, the notes change along with your movements. The concerts are buoyed by conversations with neuroscientists and scholars who confront hearing loss or disability in their practice and personal lives. To make ‘Tinnitus Music’ is not just to compose sounds, but also to compose situations that can break the isolation of the experience of hearing damage. Composing the Tinnitus Suites is about listening to the way tinnitus makes one listen.


Friday, September 23, 2016, 8pm

Friday, September 30, 2016, 8pm

Sunday, October 2, 2016, 8pm

Sunday, October 16, 2016, 8pm

Vital Weekly Reviews 1044

Source: Vital Weekly.

L’eclipse Nue — Zayin (Cd by (Cd by Shiver to Death Recordings) *
Thomas Tilly — Test/tone Documents (Cd by Drone Sweet Drone) *
Grego Applegate Edwards – Travels in Tyme (Cd by Ruby Flowers)
Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht – the Galiliean Moons (Cd by Nemu)
Autopsia — In Vivo (Cd by Death Continues) *
Ensemble Phoenix Basel & Jerome Noetinger — Les Voix DE L’invisble
(Lp by Bocian Records) *
Matthew Atkins — Imaginary Cartography (Cdr by Minimal Resource Manipulation) *
Santiago Astaburuaga — Grado DE Potencia #1 (Cdr by Caduc) *
Taku Sugimoto — Mada (Cdr by Caduc) *
San Andreas — Old Men Dream in Reverse (3″cdr by the Ceiling) *
Nick Storring — Exaptations (Cassette by Notice Recordings)
Chris Strickland — Excruciating Circumstances in the Kingdom of Ends
(Cassette by Notice Recordings)
Erik Levander — Mimesis/utveckling (Cassette by Kosmisk Väg)
Coldsore — Hostile Environments (Cassette by Totstellen) *
Libbe Matz Gang/coldsore — [0+0=0] (Splitcassette by Totstellen) *
Grmmsk/mental Hell — Ghett Okidz (Splitcassette by Totstellen) *
Grmmsk/kemia — True Lows (Splitcassette by Totstellen) *
Grmmsk — One World/nowhere to Hide (Lp by Sozialistischer Plattenbau)

In Gardens Fall 2016 Shows

Cropped Version of Sam Newsome (Green Hours co...

Source: Arts for art.

Afternoons of FreeJazz: Music Poetry Justice
In Lower East Side Community Gardens
4 Weekends: Sept. 17 thru Oct. 9, 2016: 2pm till 6PM

at Children’s Magical Garden – 129 Stanton St. & Norfolk Street
Raza y Resistencia (+ special workshop for children)
Saturdays & Sunday September 17th & 18th & September 24th 2 PM till 6PM

at 6BC Botanical Garden – E. 6th St. between Ave B & C
Race & Resistance
Sunday, September 25th & Saturday October 1st & October 2nd 2 PM till 6PM

at First Street Green – E. 1st St btwn 1st & 2nd Ave
An Un-Columbus Celebration
Saturday, October 8th & Sunday October 9th 2 PM till 6PM

ADMISSION: FREE & OPEN to the Public
In Gardens is Arts for Art’s annual celebration of innovative art in local community gardens. For four weekends In Gardens bring free performances of cutting edge creative music, dance and poetry into our community gardens. In a city full of concrete venues, our performers and audiences experience art in beautiful, open, green spaces.

Saturday 09/17 at Children’s Magical Garden “Raza y Resistencia”
2 pm: The SewelSonics Sextet
Dave Sewelson – baritone sax / Nabate Isles – trumpet / William Parker – bass
Dave Hofstra – tuba / Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez – cello / Michael TA Thompson – drums
2:30: Musicians lead an Open Music Workshop for Children
3 pm: Sewelsonics with All Magical Children Workshop Ensemble
3:45 pm: Steve Swell Trio
Steve Swell – trombone / Michael Foster – bari, tenor sax / Weasel Walter – drums
4:45: Bill Cole’s UnTempered Trio
Bill Cole – double reeds / Ras Moshe – reeds / Lisette Santiago – percussion

Sunday 09/18 at Children’s Magical Garden “Raza y Resistencia”
2 pm: JP Carletti “Xul” Trio
Ingrid Laubrock – sax / William Parker – bass / Juan Pablo Carletti – drums
3 pm: Poetry Reading: Paul Harding | Steve Dalachinsky
3:45: CMW:
Ben Cohen – saxophone / Dave Miller – drums / Eli Wallace – piano/keys
4:45: Tony Malaby Trio:
Tony Malaby – tenor sax / Hilliard Greene – bass / Billy Mintz – drums

Saturday 09/24 at Children’s Magical Garden “Raza y Resistencia”
2pm: LathanFlinAli:
Lathan Hardy – winds / Sean Ali – bass / Flin Van Hemmen – Drums
3 pm: Larry Roland Duo:
Larry Roland – bass & poetry / Michael Moss – sax, flute, bs cl
3:45: Avram Fefer Trio
Avram Fefer – tenor sax / Michael Bisio – bass / Reggie Nicholson – drums
4:45: Jaimie Branch Duo: Jaimie Branch – trumpet / Brandon Lopez – bass

Sunday 09/25 at 6BC Garden “Race & Resistance”
2 pm: Karen Borca TRIO
Karen Borca – bassoon / Warren Smith – vibes / Jackson Krall – drums
3 pm: Poetry Reading: Yuko Otomo | Patricia Spears Jones
3:45: Duo: Ingrid Laubrock – tenor sax / Tom Rainey – drums
4:45: Dickey / Knuffke
Whit Dickey – drums / Kirk Knuffke – cornet

Saturday 10/1 @ 6BC Garden “Race & Resistance”
2 pm: Daniel Carter – reeds / Todd Nicholson – bass / Newman Taylor Baker – drums
3 pm: Poetry Reading: Billy Cancel | Aaron Howard and the Octave Doctors
3:45: Michael Wimberly Trio:
Michael Wimberly – drums, djembe / Larry Roland – bass
Waldron Ricks – trumpet
4:45: Jason Kao Hwang Trio
Jason Kao Hwang violin / Todd Nicholson – bass / Michael TA Thompson – drums

Sunday 10/2 @ 6BC Garden “Race & Resistance”
2 pm: Lester Saint Louis – solo cello
3 pm: James Brandon Lewis – tenor sax / Chad Taylor – drums
3:45: Andrea Wolper – voice / Ken Filiano – bass
4:45: Charles Downs’ Centipede
Ras Moshe – reeds / Matt Lavelle – trumpet and bass clarinet / Dave Ross – guitar
Charles Downs – drums

Saturday 10/8 @ FIRST STREET GREEN “An Un-Columbus Celebration”
2 pm: Bern Nix Trio:
Bern Nix – guitar / Reggie Sylvester – drums / Francois Grillot – bass
3 pm: Jason Jordan & Patricia Nicholson – dance / Omar Tamez – guitar and percussion
3:45: New AfroHORN:
Sam Newsome – soprano saxophone / Roman Diaz – percussion
Francisco Mora-Catlett – drums
4:45: The Andrew Lamb Equation
Andrew Lamb – sax, flute, clarinet / Larry Roland – bass, poetry
Warren Smith – drums, percussion / Jose Abreu – percussion

Sunday 10/9 @ FIRST STREET GREEN “An Un-Columbus Celebration”
2 pm: Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax / Federico Ughi – drums
3 pm: Djassi DaCosta Johnson – dance / Shayna Dulberger – bass
3:45: Brandon Lopez Trio:
Brandon Lopez – bass / Alejandro Florez – guitar / Carlo Costa – drums
4:45: Fay Victor – voice / Sam Newsome – soprano sax / William Parker – bass