RIP Bobby Hutcherson

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Source: KQED Arts, Bobby Hutcherson passed away at age 75 after a long battle with emphysema.

Introduced to the Blue Note fold by veteran alto saxophonist Jackie McLean, Hutcherson quickly joined a loose confederation of creatively ambitious New York musicians inspired by the rhythmic and harmonic innovations of free jazz patriarch Ornette Coleman but dedicated to experimenting with compositional form. With his thick, ringing four-mallet chords and exquisitely chiseled melodic lines, he played a defining role on several dozen era-defining albums, such as Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch, Lee Morgan’s The Procrastinator, McCoy Tyner’s Time For Tyner, Joe Henderson’s Mode For Joe, Tony Williams’ Life Time, Gracham Moncur III’s Evolution, and McLean’s One Step Beyond.

Avreeayl Ra Update

In contrast to what was originally stated in our original posting, Ra has indicated that there is no direct evidence that his attack was racially motivated. That aspect has been removed from the GoFundMe site, and one has to question why it was there to begin with. Nonetheless, Ra was still hurt badly, and our fundraising efforts are not in vain.

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‘The public domain’ Beats the Heat and Humidity 

Source: The New York Times.

Though the actual temperature hovered in the mid-90s late Saturday afternoon in New York, the “feels like” indicator on weather sites put the figure at 105 degrees. Even so, the premiere of David Lang’s “the public domain,” his new work for 1,000 voices, went on as planned in the main plaza of Lincoln Center. Arriving for the performance, I was certain that the volunteer choristers who had rehearsed the piece so thoroughly would show up. But would anyone else?