FMRL Fall Schedule in Nashville

English: Marshall Allen

To follow up on yesterday’s post, details on a season’s worth of Nashville shows, including this week’s Ditch Fest, are posted at Nashville Scene.

Aug. 14 at Betty’s: The Ditch Fest Feat. Lucas Abela aka Justice Yeldham aka Grampa, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Pico Dorado & Torschlusspanik
Aug. 15 at Betty’s: The Ditch Fest Feat. Aether Jag, Malocchio, Sporadic E & Stephen Mage
Aug. 16 at Betty’s: The Ditch Fest Feat. Donkey No No, Satan Pubes & Sparkling Wide Pressure
Aug. 26 at Betty’s: Seth Chrisman
Aug. 27 at Blackbird Tattoo: Jessica Pavone w/Ava Mendoza & Rodger Coleman
Sept. 4 at American Legion Post 82: Marshall Allen + James Harrar: Soloriens Native Unity Tetrad
Sept. 10 at location TBA: Battle Trance
Sept. 13 at Betty’s: Pigeons w/Mazozma & The Cherry Blossoms
Sept. 21 at Betty’s: Jacob Wick
Sept. 25 at Betty’s: Home Blitz w/Deluxin’, Date Night & Ornament
Sept. 29 at location TBA: Jack Wright/Zak Darrup/Evan Lipson Trio
Oct. 1 at location TBA: Elka Bong (Al Margolis and Walter Wright)
Oct. 4 at Betty’s: Buck Gooter w/Holy Mountain Top Removers
Oct. 8 at Betty’s: The Blues
Oct. 10 at American Legion Post 82: Richard Pinhas w/Wume & Harvest Team
Oct. 20 at Betty’s: Thomas Helton