Metropolis Ensemble 10 Year Anniversary

Source: Metropolis Ensemble.

Celebrate: Metropolis Ensemble Turns 10
September 27 @ 8PM show/7:30PM doors
Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street, NYC
Tickets: $20

The experience is inspired by John Cage’s instruction “everything at once and all together.” Itinerant performers (violinist Sean Lee with roving Paganini Caprices; soprano Ariadne Greif with selections from Cage’s Song Books) will interweave with overlapping live-music installations and large-scale group performances (featuring music by Anna Clyne, Timo Andres, Vivian Fung, Paula Matthusen, Andrew Norman, and Ricardo Romaneiro). Electro-acoustic works ranging from Jakub Ciupinski’s re-programmed theremins, a new open-score work for Pocket Operator + Instruments by Ryan Francis, and a Happy Birthday “pop-song” composed by Du Yun for orchestra during the event with audience participation, will enlarge the palette of sonic colors and textures. Featured performers include singer-songwriter Emily Wells, violinist Kristin Lee, cellist Ashley Bathgate, bassoonist/composer Brad Balliett, percussionist Ian Rosenbaum, and pianist Conor Hanick.


Kati Agocs, Andy Akiho, Timo Andres, David Bruce, Brad Balliett, Doug Balliett, Christopher Cerrone, Anna Clyne, Avner Dorman, Jakub Ciupinski, Jacob Cooper, Daniel Felsenfeld, Ryan Francis, Vivian Fung, Ted Hearn, Robert Honstein, Ray Lustig, Paula Matthusen, Andrew Norman, Gity Razaz, Ricardo Romaneiro, Emily Wells, and Du Yun. More to be announced!