Vital Weekly Reviews 1043

LPD vocalist Edward Ka-Spel on the piano and N...

Source: Vital Weekly.

Penny Rimbaud‘s L’academie Des Vanites – Yes Sir, the Truth of Revolution (Cd by
Cold Spring Records) *
The Sound of Progress (Dvd by Cold Spring Records)
Steve Roden – Striations (Cd by Spekk) *
Stian Westerhus – Amputation (Cd by House of Mythology)
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Det Andre Rommet (Cd by Hubro Music)
the Jazz Fakers – Hallucinations (Cd on Alrealon Musique)
Pale Thorns – Somberland (Cd by Divided Visions) *
Maurizio Bianchi – Mikromusicha (Cd by Ee Tapes) *
Benjamin Nelson – First (Cd by Pica Disk) *
Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci – Agoraphonia (Cd by Dronarivm) *
Frantz Loriot Systematic Distortion Orchestra – the Assembly (Cd by Outnow Recordings)
Manifesto – Exit (Cd by Reverse Alignment) *
Mollusk – Astral Mechanics (Cdr by Reverse Alignment) *
Escape: A Collection of Songs Straight out the Asylum (Cd Compilation by Mecapop)
Laurent Fairon – Musique Isotype (Cd by Entr’acte) *
The Legendary Pink Dots – Premonition (Lp/7″ by Vinyl on Demand) *
Susan Matthews – From Veliko (Cdr by Sirenwire) *
Orphax – The Empty Room (Card by Broken20) *
C103/amk/gx – an Evening of Garbage (Cassette by Incubator)
Ryoko Akama – Hako to Oto (Cassette by Crustaces)
4 in 1 Volume 4 (Cassette by Insane Music)