Vital Weekly Reviews 1042

logoSource: Vital Weekly.

an Ant and an Atom — Entropy (Cd plus Artzine by … and an Earth) *
Henrik Nordvargr Björk / Margaux Renaudin — Anima Nostra (Cd by Cold Spring)
Khost [Deconstructed and Reconstructed by] Godflesh — Needles into the Ground (Cd by Cold Spring)
Common Eider King Eider — Extinction (Cd by Cold Spring)
Inorth of North — the Moment in and of Itself (Cd by Immediata) *
Anthony Burr & Anthony Pateras — the Long Exhale (Cd by Immediata) *
Daniel Thomas Freeman – the Infinite and Unknowable (Cd by Blink in the Endless)
Adam Witkowski — Rabababa (Cd by Bdta) *
Tete Leguia & Martin Escalante (Cd by Buh Records) *
Distorsion Desequilibrada — Fusion (Cd by Buh Records) *
Visions of Catastrophe (Cd Compilation by Buh Records) *
Miguel Prado & Mattin — Evacuation of the Voice (10cd by Loja Serralves)
Urok — Nagawor (Cd by Mozdok) *
Ryan Choi — Whenmill (Cd by off) *
Celer — Tempelhof (Cd by Two Acorns) *
B*tong — Hostile Environments (Cd by Greytone) *
B*tong — Prostration Before Infinity (Lp by Silken Tofu)
Masami Akita — Wattle (Lp by Elevator Bath)
Tom Recchion — Oacaca Dawn/bamboo (Lp by Elevator Bath)
Colin Andrew Sheffield &Amp; James Eck Rippie — Essential Anatomies (Cassette by Elevator Bath) *
Blood Rhythms — Heuristics (Cdr by No Part of It) *
Massimo Magee — Music in 3 Spaces (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
Alfred 23 Harth — Kepler 452b Edition (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
Cyril Bondi & D’incise &Amp; Jacques Demierre — Iterare (Cdr by Rhizome/s) *
Alfredo Costa Monteiro — Trois Replis DE Solitude Et Un Oubli (Cdr by Rhizome/s) *
Angelina Yershova — Piano’s Abyss (Cdr by Twin Paradox) *
Erik Levander — Halv (Cassette by Full of Nothing) *
Hiroshi Hasegawa/rasalasad (Split Cassette by Thisco)
Rasalasad — Thistonal (Cassette by Thisco)
Melina & Thorivos — Instict Funds the Mental Poem/to Be Or Not to Brut (Cassette by Noise Below)
Anan Pie — the Ugly Business of Being Cute (Cassette by Noise Below)
Richard Kamerman — Music for Glassblower’s Studio and Broken Toy Piano (Cassette by Organized Music from Thessaloniki)