Ensemble Dal Niente to Perform Music of George Lewis in Chicago

Source: Ensemble Dal Niente.

August 23, 2016 – 5:15pm (pre-concert conversation) / 5:45pm (concert)
St James Cathedral
65 East Huron

On August 23, Ensemble Dal Niente will make its Rush Hour Concert Series debut with a performance of George Lewis’s Hexis for sextet. The free program, titled “Here and Now II,” will also feature a performance by Fulcrum Point New Music Project of Mischa Zupko’s works Rising and Occupy, and will function as a preview of the inaugural Ear Taxi Chicago Festival of New Music which will take place from October 5-10 in 2016. The title, Hexis, refers to a concept from Roman philosophy best described as “an active disposition of the soul.” For the Romans, hexis was the mark of good extemporaneous rhetoric; today, we might call it “improvisation.” Lewis, who cites improvisation as one of his main interests, writes that the work confronts the paradox of “allowing progress to coexist with stasis,” because that “[i]n Hexis, it is the listener who improvises rather than the performers.”

Vital Weekly Reviews 1042

logoSource: Vital Weekly.

an Ant and an Atom — Entropy (Cd plus Artzine by … and an Earth) *
Henrik Nordvargr Björk / Margaux Renaudin — Anima Nostra (Cd by Cold Spring)
Khost [Deconstructed and Reconstructed by] Godflesh — Needles into the Ground (Cd by Cold Spring)
Common Eider King Eider — Extinction (Cd by Cold Spring)
Inorth of North — the Moment in and of Itself (Cd by Immediata) *
Anthony Burr & Anthony Pateras — the Long Exhale (Cd by Immediata) *
Daniel Thomas Freeman – the Infinite and Unknowable (Cd by Blink in the Endless)
Adam Witkowski — Rabababa (Cd by Bdta) *
Tete Leguia & Martin Escalante (Cd by Buh Records) *
Distorsion Desequilibrada — Fusion (Cd by Buh Records) *
Visions of Catastrophe (Cd Compilation by Buh Records) *
Miguel Prado & Mattin — Evacuation of the Voice (10cd by Loja Serralves)
Urok — Nagawor (Cd by Mozdok) *
Ryan Choi — Whenmill (Cd by off) *
Celer — Tempelhof (Cd by Two Acorns) *
B*tong — Hostile Environments (Cd by Greytone) *
B*tong — Prostration Before Infinity (Lp by Silken Tofu)
Masami Akita — Wattle (Lp by Elevator Bath)
Tom Recchion — Oacaca Dawn/bamboo (Lp by Elevator Bath)
Colin Andrew Sheffield &Amp; James Eck Rippie — Essential Anatomies (Cassette by Elevator Bath) *
Blood Rhythms — Heuristics (Cdr by No Part of It) *
Massimo Magee — Music in 3 Spaces (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
Alfred 23 Harth — Kepler 452b Edition (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
Cyril Bondi & D’incise &Amp; Jacques Demierre — Iterare (Cdr by Rhizome/s) *
Alfredo Costa Monteiro — Trois Replis DE Solitude Et Un Oubli (Cdr by Rhizome/s) *
Angelina Yershova — Piano’s Abyss (Cdr by Twin Paradox) *
Erik Levander — Halv (Cassette by Full of Nothing) *
Hiroshi Hasegawa/rasalasad (Split Cassette by Thisco)
Rasalasad — Thistonal (Cassette by Thisco)
Melina & Thorivos — Instict Funds the Mental Poem/to Be Or Not to Brut (Cassette by Noise Below)
Anan Pie — the Ugly Business of Being Cute (Cassette by Noise Below)
Richard Kamerman — Music for Glassblower’s Studio and Broken Toy Piano (Cassette by Organized Music from Thessaloniki)

Roulette in September

Ned Rothenberg at Appleby Jazz Festival 2007

Source: New York’s Roulette.

September features the best in pioneering female electronic artists, including trailblazing synthesist Suzanne Ciani’s first New York performance since 1975 on September 14, followed by the premiere of new music from No Wave pioneer Ikue Mori on September 16.

On September 15, Elliott Sharp will draws upon the talents of top new music ensembles JACK Quartet and New Thread Quartet to present Vivarium, a program of new and recent works partially drawn from Sharp’s new album, Tranzience.

We are especially grateful to host our fall benefit in conjunction with Ned Rothenberg‘s 60th birthday party on September 18. The evening will feature a rare group improvisational performance from several of Ned’s closest friends and collaborators, including John Zorn, Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori, Mark Feldman, Jim Staley, Mivos Quartet, and Gamin. We hope you’ll join us.

Wednesday, September 14 @ 8pm
ACFNY & Dame Electric Present: Suzanne Ciani, E. Indigo & Antenes

Thursday, September 15 @ 8pm
Elliott Sharp’s Vivarium

Friday, September 16 @ 8pm
Ikue Mori: Pomegranate Seed // World Premiere of OBELISK
Featuring Okkyung Lee, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Jim Black

Sunday, September 18 @ 8pm
Ned Rothenberg’s 60th Birthday Party: A Benefit For Roulette
Featuring Muhal Richard Abrams, John Zorn, George Lewis, and More