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Nicole Mitchell / Tomeka Reid / Mike Reed – Artifacts

Five decades ago some of the most important thinkers and musicians in the future history of creative music gathered on the South Side of Chicago to chart a new path of self-determination. The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians was formed to allow a core group of visionaries to present original music without the impediments of the local jazz business. They presented their own concerts, often in settings miles apart from the noisy, inattentive setting of jazz clubs that were often hostile their music. Hindsight now confirms that Muhal Richard Abrams, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Anthony Braxton, Henry Threadgill, Wadada Leo Smith, Amina Claudine Myers, and many others were onto something big. Of course, the AACM has prospered ever since, fostering a remarkable string of talent. Now, an all-star trio of recent AACM members has formed to celebrate that legacy during its 50th anniversary. Cellist Tomeka Reid, flutist Nicole Mitchell, and drummer Mike Reed – three of the most important and acclaimed musicians connected to the AACM over the last two decades – recognized the value of taking a look at the AACM’s rich history for their new collective trio, which Tomeka Reid conceived for a concert in Seattle early in 2015.

Mike Reed – People Places and Things: A New Kind of Dance

A New Kind of Dance, the sixth album by his long-running quartet People, Places & Things, presents the same deft interactive rapport between alto saxophonist Greg Ward and tenor saxophonist Tim Haldeman; the same crisp rhythmic drive provided by the leader and bassist Jason Roebke; and the same indelible mixture of bluesy depth and measured freedom as its superb predecessors. While the quartet was originally conceived to pay homage to an overlooked era in the rich history of Chicago jazz – namely, the soulful hard bop created by the likes of John Jenkins, Wilbur Campbell, Wilbur Ware, John Neely, and Frank Strozier, among others, in the mid-to-late 50s – the combo has since developed an ever-expanding repertoire, whether examining the potency of the Amsterdam scene on the 2013 album Second Cities Vol. 1 or digging into the music of contemporary Chicago figures on its 2009 album About Us. A New Kind of Dance advances the boundaries of the quartet’s repertoire further than ever.

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb – Shiv’a

“Shiv’a was composed following the death of three dear friends in 2007…” writes Ayelet Rose Gottlieb in the liner notes, “… while I was living between three cities – Wellington, New Zealand and its wild birds and great ocean; New York, USA, with its fast pulse, close friends, loud sounds and crammed streets; and Jerusalem, Israel, where my ancestors’ wisdom resides, where the stones hum, where my soul stems from. In the process of dealing with this chain of losses, with my feet off the ground and the earth moving under me, music served, as always, as my anchor… This piece was the pipe through which it moved.“