AMN Picks of the Week: Eleonore Oppenheim / Kamran Ince / Fresh Cut Orchestra / Chat Noir / Ponzol & Rader

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Eleonore Oppenheim – Home (2016)
Kamran Ince – Passion and Dreams (2016)
Fresh Cut Orchestra – Mind Behind Closed Eyes (2016)
Chat Noir – Nine Thoughts for One Word (2016)
Peter Ponzol / Abbey Rader – It’s Time (2016)

Vital Weekly Reviews 1039

logoSource: Vital Weekly.

Sec_ — Mefite (Cd by Toxo Records) *
Francesco Gregoretti — Solid Layers Deafening Shapes (Cd by Toxo Records) *
Kim Myhr & Jenny Hval / Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – In the End His Voice Will Be the Sound of Paper (Cd by Hubro Music)
Francisco Meirino — Surrender, Render, End (Cd by Helen Scarsdale) *
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project — Revisionist History (Cd by Helen Scarsdale/after Days Media) *
Vanessa Rossetto – The Way You Make Me Feel (Cd by Unfathomless) *
Stein Urheim – Strandebarm (Cd by Hubro Music)
Marialuisa Capurso & Jean-marc Foussat – En Respirant (Cd by Fou Records)
Nartcore — Aeluton (Cd by Creative Sources Recordings) *
Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist — Wandering Eye (Cd by Glacial Movements) *
Eduardo Polonio & Santiago Torralba — Musica Imaginada. 1+1=1 (Dvd by Luscinia Discos)
Tv Pow (Lp by Shameless) *
Howard/wiggan/mapp — From Dust We Came… to Dust We Return (Lp by Static Caravan/dirter Promotions)
Boy Dirt Car & Bumble Be — Wheels/Cleveland 351 (Cdr by After Music Recordings) *
Three Snake Leaves — Deuce (Cdr by After Music Recordings) *
S.M. Nurse (Cassette by Top Tape)
Pierre-luc Simon — Fixations (Cassette by Small Scale Music) *
Aaron Lumley — Katabasis/anabasis (Cassette by Small Scale Music) *
Lärmschutz — Sleepcycles (Cassette by Small Scale Music) *

Trans-Pecos in July

Source: New York’s Trans-Pecos.

WED 7/6. $8. 8PM
Tedkamal, Fiona, Akai Solo, AF The Naysayer, Adpoundforpound

THUR 7/7. $10 adv/$12 door. 8PM
Mammal Hands

FRI 7/8. $tba. 7PM
Missing Foundation / Excepter / Opponents

FRI 7/8. $10 10PM
Speak Onion, Solaris (DJ), Bastet, C10 (DJ), Peter Seligman

FRI 7/8. $15 adv/$20 door. 11PM
LIMIT, L-Vis 1990, Egyptrixx, Stud1nt, Teleself, Yogic, Akanbi

SAT 7/9 . $25+ . 1PM
SUMMER SCUM DAY 1: Alleypisser, Mercury Hall, RM, Puce Mary, Rectal Hygienics , Pharmakon, Paranoid Time, Race To The Bottom, Dog Lady Island, Narwhalz of Sound, Gene Pick + Copley Medal, Noise Nomads, James Hoff, Gnawed + Deterge, Stewart Skinner, Via App, Secret Boyfriend, Pure Matrix, Latrines (Nick Klein + Miguel Alvarino), Cienfuegos, Radiator Greys, Pleasure Island, Inbreeder, Gabi Losoncy, Plagues, Sunken Cheek, Scant, Stress Orphan, Coteries, Negation, Stroker, Horoscope, KHF, Appetite

SUN 7/10 . $25+ . 1PM
SUMMER SCUM DAY 2: Drew McDowall, Lettera 22, Relay For Death, Burning Star Core, Humanbeast, Evenings, Plague Mother + Shredded Nerve, Blessed Sacrifist, Lucy Lewis, Harness (Luke Tandy + Shane Church), No Intention, Toska (Matt Reis + Liz Gomez), V. Sinclair, Ligature + Remnants, Liebestod , Magia Nuda, Saran Man, Balloon Monument, Clavicula Salomonis + Alex York, Swollen Organs, Vat, Suckling, Dane, Fantasia, Holding Cell, DNR, Live Drum Performance (Ryan Naideau + Jim Siegel), DJ Jeremy, DJ Home Alone 2, and Dave Public

MON 7/11. $10. 8PM
Scorpion Warrior, ☩STELLA☩PERISH☩, BBYBANGZ, Jane Angmar (DJ)

WED 7/13. $7 adv/$10 door. 8PM
Behaviors, Jack and The Coax, Hnry Flwr, Swoon Lake

THUR 7/14. $10 adv/$12 door. 8PM
Blarvuster Family Party! w/ Matthew Welch’s Blarvuster, Jeremiah Cymerman & Brian Chase duo

THUR 7/14. $8. 9PM
Asumaya, Fan Letters, Jonah Parzen-Johnson

FRI 7/15. $15. 10PM
Sir Spyro w/ AJ Tracey

TUES 7/19 . $10. 8PM
Taphari, Tygapaw, Bearcat, Xhosa, Qloudcore, Ajo, Roosevelt

FRI 7/22 . $8. 7PM
Zomes, Snake Union, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

FRI 7/22 . $tba. 11PM
DJ Flex , SHYBOI, Bembona, Africa Latina, Shawn Dub, Kondi Band Soundsystem, Dutty Artz, IOIA

SAT 7/23 . $12 adv/$15 doors. MIDNIGHT
zutzut b2b imaabs, endgame, scraaatch, shyb0i

FRI 7/29 . $8 adv/$10 door. 9PM
Extreme Animals / Juiceboxxx / Angels In America / Rock Land / DJ Borna Sammakt

FRI 7/29 . $7 7:30PM
Video Daughters, Slomo Drags, Fetishes, DarkoTheSuper & Ialive, More Eaze, LAW$UITS

SAT 7/30 . $8 8PM
OLMS, Casuistry, Octonomy, Corset, Holding Cell, Eyes of The Naga, DJ: Heidi Lorenz

SUN 7/31 . $5 8PM
Yankee Longstraw, Gamblers, Courtesy Tier, Chuck Davis (DJ Set)

A Stroll Between Museums From John Luther Adams


It was with some trepidation that I set out last week to try “Soundwalk 9:09,” a piece the Metropolitan Museum of Art commissioned from John Luther Adams, the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer. Composed of sounds recorded in the area, the work is intended for people to listen to on their smartphones as they make the eight-block walk between the museum’s mother ship, on Fifth Avenue, and its new outpost, the Met Breuer, in the old Whitney building on Madison Avenue.