Avantwhatever June Show

Source: Melbourne’s Avantwhatever.

Radio Cegeste (NZ)
Sabina Maselli
Carmen Chan

The Alderman
134 Lygon St
Wednesday June 22
Entry $10 | 7pm for a 7:30pm start

Radio Cegeste

Sally Ann McIntyre was born in Hobart, and currently resides in Dunedin. Her creative practice is highly responsive to place, and includes sound art, the creative use of radio, and the the use of field recordings, as well as a concurrent practice in poetry and associated forms of writing.

A major platform for her artistic output since 2006 has been a hand-made narrowcast radio station named radio cegeste, a nomadic performance and recording project which broadcasts within a small radius to any locality on the frequency 104.5FM. Lo-fi, site-specific technological interventions into the soundscapes of various places and ecologies are often conceived as exploratory inter-species collaborations, for which she acts as curator and operator, destabilising the notion of one-to-many broadcast, and associated forms of control and authorship within the medium. Soundscapes recorded on site are layered back into the environment with historic field recordings on 78rpm and other media, problematising the immediacy of listening, and asking questions about its historicisation.

radio cegeste has released material on the labels winds measure, Consumer Waste, and/Oar, Idealstate, Flaming Pines, and Gruenrekorder. Sally’s sound work also includes ongoing research into the materiality of recorded silence, the history of birdsong transcription, and the hauntology of extinction as a trace within sound archives, including the use of pre-electrical sonic inscription and playback mechanisms, such as gramophones, phonographic wax cylinders and music boxes, to bring extinct birdsong back to audibility. Projects have been exhibited in galleries and project spaces in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the U.S.

Sabina Maselli

Engaged in the language and techniques of cinema, Sabina makes works that exist at the intersection of film, performance and installation. She also directs music videos, and collaborates regularly with musicians in audio-visual shows and expanded cinema works.

She often works within live performance and site-specific situations, using both analogue and digital technology, the body, voice and sound as ways to express an alternative form of ‘cinematic’ viewing, blurring the lines between live and prerecorded. Through acts of transformation and the presence of ‘invisible’ formations- such as memory and its different manifestations in the physical, biological, material and mythological realms- Sabina creates multi-layered works that live in a continuous state of flux. The synthesis between still and moving, actual and virtual, documentary and fiction, form the basis of her research into memory, perception, identity, and concepts of the sublime.