OutNow Recordings New Releases 


Yoni Kretzmer – FIVE
In Five, Kretzmer aimed to capture a horn sound reminiscent of the late 60’s Blue Note Records era and give it a current day and personal interpretation. The band is horn heavy and exploits the fullness of each instrument. Joining Kretzmer are some of New York’s most intriguing musicians who are no strangers to this aesthetic. The result is a band with an old-new robust sound!
Thomas Heberer – cornet
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Steve Swell – trombone
Max Johnson – double bass
Chad Taylor – drums

Frantz Loriot: Systematic Distortion Orchestra – The Assembly
On this beautiful outing esteemed violist Frantz Loriot premiers his large group: The Frantz Loriot Systematic Distortion Orchestra. The music drifts and scurries between different chapters, intensities and episodes while maintaining a unique and unified sound throughout. The orchestra features some of the most and adventures and courageous musicians from the Brooklyn downtown scene, the result is both challenging and invigorating
Frantz Loriot – viola and compositions
Nathaniel Morgan – alto sax
Brad Henkel – trumpet
Joe Moffett – trumpet
Ben Gerstein – trombone
Sam Kulik – bass trombone
Sean Ali – double bass, words
Pascal Niggenkemper – double bass
Carlo Costa – drums & percussion
Devin Gray – drums & percussion
Flin Van Hemmen – drums & percussion

Kretzmer/Ajemian/Shea – Until Your Throat is Dry
This trio is constantly trying to get as close as they can to the substance, the immaterial tangibility, the raw flesh, dirty concreteness, thoughtlessness and stuff called music. The search – look up, look down, behind, inwards and outwards till they think they found it.
Sometimes, they also try and do the total opposite…
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Jason Ajemian – double bass
Kevin Shea – drums

Ehran Elisha – Kindred Spirit: Quintets
Composer-Improviser-Percussionist Ehran Elisha has been leading ensembles in his native New York for nearly three decades. On Kindred Spirit, his new double album, Elisha presents quintet compositions for two separate ensembles recorded within one evening at IBeam, Brooklyn in the spring of 2013. Kindred Spirit is Ehran Elisha’s third release for OutNow Recordings. In this outing Elisha presents two unique quintets interpreting two of his extended compositions: Kindred Soul and Spirit Suite. The musicians in each quintet lend Elisha’s work their own individual voice and improvisational vision while the compositions themselves act as perfect frameworks enhancing the collective sound of each quintet. Hence, the pieces feature each musician’s individual sound while concurrently presenting a specific unified timbre.
CD 1 – Kindred Soul
Roy Campbell – Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Sam Bardfeld – violin
Haim Elisha – piano
Dave Phillips – double bass
Ehran Elisha – drums
CD 2 – Spirit Suite
Michael Attias – alto & baritone sax
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Rick Parker – trombone
Sean Conly – double bass
Ehran Elisha – drums

Esoteric Duos
A double-CD featuring JC Jones and Yoni Kretzmer in duos with bassists (but not only!) The album features some of today’s greatest bass players and is a collaborative production between OutNow Recordings and Kadima Collective Recordings. Both Jones and Kretzmer take full advantage of the freedom which the duo setting provides and of the opportunity to play and interact with such unique, diverse and challenging musicians.
J.C. Jones – double bass
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Barre Philips – double bass
Mark Dresser – double bass
Pascal Niggenkemper – double bass
Reuben Radding – double bass
Damon Smith – double bass
Sean Conly – double bass
Carmel Raz – violin
Steve Horenstein – baritone sax & flute