Marfa Sounding in Texas This Weekend

Source: Marfa Live Arts.

Alvin Lucier & Charles Curtis
curated by Jennifer Burris Staton
Co-presented with Fieldwork: Marfa
Thursday-Sunday, May 26-29, 2016
Town-wide Performances

Thursday, May 26, Fieldwork: Marfa land at Antelope Hill, 10pm–Dawn, Alvin Lucier’s “Sferics”

Friday, May 27, Chinati Foundation’s John Chamberlain Building, 7pm, Charles Curtis performs works by Éliane Radigue

Saturday, May 28, hosted by Marfa Book Company at Bar Saint George, 2pm, Conversation with Charles Curtis, Alvin Lucier, Abinadi Meza, and Ida Soulard

Saturday, May 28, Crowley Theater, 7pm, “I am sitting in a room” and other electronic works by Alvin Lucier

Sunday, May 29, Mimms Ranch Viewing Area, 5pm, Premiere of new site-specific work for Charles Curtis composed by Alvin Lucier