AMN Reviews: Devin Gray – Devin Gray’s Fashionable Pop Music (2016; Bandcamp)

There is little fashionable or pop-oriented about this latest release (recorded in 2012) from New York drummer Devin Gray. Featuring a dual-guitar attack of Ryan Ferreira and Jonathan Goldberger, as well as the bass of Chris Tordini, Gray leads the quartet through two long tracks of creative improv.

Of particular appeal is how the guitar players provide atmosphere. Often, one is setting forth post-rock styled riffs, while the other plays extended techniques reminiscent of Derek Bailey. In fact, Ferreira and Goldberger extract such a variety of sounds from their instruments that I would not have thought twice if told that keyboards or electronics were used on this album.  Tordini aggressively provides low-end antics. Throughout all of this, Gray’s frantic percussion sets a staggered, angular pace. From time to time, he scratches and rubs the drum heads ala Andrew Drury, while in other points his use of disjointed rhythms is reminiscent of Chris Cutler.

The result is a busy, complex pair of pieces. There enough plenty to dig into on Fashionable Pop Music that multiple listenings are required. The quartet ventures beyond free jazz, laying out unusual tones and textures. And to the extent that guitar is making a comeback in creative music, this release is another testament to that possibility.

Improvising Beings New Releases 

Source: Improvising Beings.

Sylvain Guérineau, Kent Carter, Itaru Oki, Makoto Sato – D’Une Rive A L’Autre

Didier Lasserre, Raymond Boni – Soft Eyes

Roberto Del Piano with Silvia Bolognesi, Marco Colonna, Massimo Falascone, Paolo Falascone, Roberto Masotti, Stefano Giust, Pat Moonchy, Robin Neko – La Main Qui Cherche La Lumière

Peter Brotzmann Profiled

A shot from a 2006 performance by Peter Brötzm...

Source: CityBeat.

Since emerging from Germany in the 1960s, Peter Brötzmann has become one of the titans of avant-garde Jazz. A tenaciously forceful master of saxophone, clarinet/bass clarinet and tárogató (a Romanian or Hungarian woodwind), over the years Brötzmann has played with American explorers of often-improvised new Jazz like Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Cecil Taylor, Sonny Sharrock, Anthony Braxton and Andrew Cyrille.

Vital Weekly Reviews 1032

Source: Vital Weekly.

L’eclipse Nue – Scars Forever (Cd by Shiver to Death Recordings) *
Bz Bz Ueu – Tapes and Vinyls (Cd by Music a LA Coque) *
Michael Idehall – No Man’s Land (Cd by Ant-zen & Beläten)
Sonic Area – Eyes in the Sky (Cd by Ant-zen)
Thorofon – Roots (Cd by Ant-zen)
Gerogerigegege – Moenai Hai (Cd by Eskimo)
Poing – Sur Poing (Cd by Aurora)
Peter Farrar – Avocado (Cd by Split Records) *
Arturas Bumsteinas – Organ Safari Lituanica (Cd by Intonema) *
Sarah Hennies – Gather & Release (Cd by Category of Manifestation) *
Drekka – Reworks Annelies Monsere ‘Verjaardag’ (Lp by Bluesanct/red Frost Industries) *
Danielle Lemaire – Respiration (Lp by Inner Landscapes)
Nebulullaby (Lp Compilation by Nebularosa)
Kreng – Selfed (Double 10inch by Substantia Innominata)
Peter Kuhn & Dave Sewelson & Gerald Cleaver & Larry Roland –
Our Earth/our World (Cdr by Pfmentum)
Ondrej Zajac – Monolith (Cdr by Whitelabrecs) *
Zahn & Hatami & Mcclure – Veerian (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Martwa Natura – III (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Martwa Natura/schmitt & Solecka & Stadlmeier – Ii (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Mars 96 – Live at Literator Bar, 09-01-2015 (3inch Cdr, Private) *
Dikeman/serries/aquarius – Night Realms (Cassette by Tombed Visions)
Valerie Kuehne – Audiozine #3 (Cassette by Staaltape)

Glenn Branca’s Symphonies in New York Reviewed

Source: The New York Times.

Glenn Branca’s electric-guitar symphonies have, for 35 years, dealt out enormous massed gestures of sound. The particulars of composition may be different from piece to piece. There are various applications of the harmonic series, various relationships of phrasing and tempo among the guitars, ensembles of various sizes, works of various lengths and instruments with various tunings, rock-drumming rhythms of different kinds. But every one is the sound of a life’s work, gathering intensity. He’s ensconced.

Coming to Detroit’s Trinosophes

Peter Brötzmann on tenor saxophone @ MN Sur Se...

Source: Trinosophes.

Sunday, 22 Peter Brötzmann/Heather Leigh Duo

For decades Peter Brötzmann has been known as the infant terriblé of European improvised music. Often called the loudest saxophonist in Europe, he is a pivotal musician in the transition from Free Jazz to Free Improvisation. Brötzmann has worked with all the pioneering musicans of avant garde improvised music, especially such Europeans as Peter Kowald, Fred Van Hove, Evan Parker and Derek Bailey, but also with Americans like Hamid Drake and William Parker in his more recent group Die Like A Dog, or with Sonny Sharrock, Bill Laswell and Ronald Shannon Jackson in the fierce, electric group Last Exit.

The daughter of a coal miner, weaving a trail from West Virginia to Texas and now residing in Scotland, Heather Leigh furthers the vast unexplored reaches of pedal steel guitar. Her playing is as physical as it is ethereal, combining spontaneous compositions with a feel for the otherworldly. With a rare combination of sensitivity and strength, Leigh’s steel mainlines sanctified slide guitar and deforms it using hypnotic tone-implosions, juggling walls of bleeding amp tone with choral vocal constructs and wrenching single note ascensions. In late 2015, Heather Leigh released her first proper studio album, ‘I Abused Animal’ on Stephen O’Malley & Peter Rehberg’s Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego labels to widespread acclaim. Renowned as a fearless free improviser, ‘I Abused Animal’ is a breakthrough work showcasing Heather Leigh’s songwriting prowess, foregrounding her stunning voice and her innovations for the pedal steel guitar.

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Sunday, May 29: Telematic talk with Pauline Oliveros