Uri Caine Performance in Jacksonville; Tzadik Releases Donated to Library

John Zorn (cropped version)

Source: Folio Weekly.

Keith Marks is emphatic about this minor detail. “We are donating this catalog of music for American Jewish Heritage month, but it’s definitely more about music exploration than it is about identity politics.” Marks hopes that response to the Avant series will make future concerts and library acquisitions possible. He has his eye on Tzadik’s New Japan collection (a similar grouping of experimental Japanese artists) and his dream is to bring John Zorn to Jacksonville.

“I think avant-garde music, by its definition, might mean that the music is not generally embraced by the larger listening public,” says Caine. “At this point, ‘classical’ music and ‘jazz’ might be considered niche music. But you never know what music or art a wider public will discover. As a musician, I think you care first about making the music and then hope for the best.”