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AMN Reviews: Gerald Fiebig & Emerge vs NYM – Condensed Endeavour (Attenuation Circuit)

a3556885696_16Condensed Endeavour is the latest quietly malevolent dronework from NYM, who after his/her/their solo debut on Attenuation Circuit now asphalts a performance by label stalwarts Gerald Fiebig and Emerge at culture hub Cairo in Würzburg recorded back in November of 2013.

The present reviewer has not heard the original, which is summarily described as a drone work. Over thirty-six minutes, NYM takes a bulldozer to a junkyard on a lousy day, under the roil of angry skies. Rust sings, essential gases leak, seeding the clouds with even more vitriol. The slow-motion grind opens wide into a sucking, air-emptying drone, inside of which co- and antivalences are being worked out, discreet textures are plasticined and melodies almost eked out. It grows thick as tar, cooling under a final, icy wind.

Stephen Fruitman