May at New York’s Spectrum

English: Ethan Iverson, pianist of the america...

Source: Spectrum.

– Kate Maroney, Dashon Burton & Dan Schlosberg (May 5)

– Jocelyn Ho’s *Synaesthesia Playground (May 6)
(*see separate release attached)

– Babbitt Centenary Celebration (May 7)
including proteges organized by Jonathan Dawe

– Jonathan Dawe Portrait Concert (May 7)

– Thump and Wail (May 8)

– Darmstadt in New York Preview (May 12)
Viola Yip & Lester St. Louis

– Marija Ilic (May 13)
curated by Michael Vincent Waller

– Late Night with The Brothers Balliett (May 14)

– Ramin Arjomand’s Reinterpretations Series (May 15)
Cyrus Beroukhim, Shuangze Xie, Joana Miranda, Miranda Sielaff,
Alberto Parrini with Ramin Arjomand conducting.

– Craig Davis (May 15) Tentative
curated by Lester St. Louis

– Sophia Subbayya Vastek & David Ibbett (May 16)

– Zach Seely’s *(con)temporary (in)sights Series featuring William Lang (May 21)
Laura Cocks & Jordan Dodson (*see separate release attached)

– Hans Tammens’ Dark Circuits Series featuring David Morneau (May 21)

– Fka: Bass Holograms NYC, Residency Performance Concert 1 (France) (May 22)
Floy Krouchi, Mark Bingham & Emilie Lesbros

– ACA presents Ethan Iverson & Jeremy Siskind (May 26)

– Jozef Dumolin (May 26)

– Pas Musique presents Ambient Chaos (May 27)
Jeff Surak, Amanda Chauhary & Tania Chen

– Nick Meryhew (Chicago) (May 28)

– Fka: Bass Holograms NYC, Residency Performance Concert 2 (France) (May 28)
Floy Krouchi, Mark Bingham & other guests TBD.

– Poetry Reading sponsored by The Manhattan Review (May 29)
Hosted by Philip Fried

– Stuart Breczinski’s Title Pending Series (May 29)