Vital Weekly Reviews 1029

Merzbow, prominent Japanoise musician, in 2007

Source: Vital Weekly.

Jarl – Amygdala Colours – Hemisphere Rotation (Cd by Reverse Alignment) *
Mammoth Ulthana – Particular Factors (Cd by Zoharum) *
Kallee & The Lunar Trio – Nashtur (Cd by Zoharum) *
Rafal Kolacki – Hijra. Noise from the Jungle (Cd by Zoharum) *
Maeror Tri – Sensuum Medacia/somnia (Cd by Zoharum) *
Maeror Tri – Hypnobasia (Cd by Zoharum) *
Ozmotic – Liquid Times (Cd by Folk Wisdom) *
Uwe Rasch – Aus Vierundzwanzig (Schubertadaptionen – Ein Materialhaufen Zu Franz Schuberts Winterreise) – (Dvd by Gruenrekorder)
Invading Pleasures – Infinite Jest (Cd by Gruenrekorder)
Komora a – Crystal Dwarf (Cd by Monotype Records) *
Merzbow – Life Performance (Cd by Cold Spring Records) *
Ralf Wehowsky/Andrew Chalk/Eric Lanzillota – Yang Tul (Cd by Cold Spring Records) *
Bene Gesserit – Eccentric???? (Cd by Ee Tapes) *
Thetherdown – First Flight (Cd by Trace Recordings/slowcraft Records) *
Jacek Staniszewski – Zawstydzajacy Dar (Cd by Lumberton Trading) *
the Dwarfs of East Agouza – Bes (2cd by Nawa Recordings) *
Lxmp – Zony W Pracy (Cd by Lado Abc) *
Quartz Locked – Wave 91.6 (Lp and Flexi by Warm)
Robin Hayward & Christopher Williams – Borromean Rings (Lp by Corvo Records) *
Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger & Matija Schellander & Petr Vrba – Esox Lucius (Lp by Corvo Records) *
Hanna Hartman – Black Bat (10″ by Komplott)
Urbanfailure – Random Shadows (7″ Lathe Cut by Sky Burial Productions/urb Sounds)
Tag Cloud – A Footnote of Sorts (Cdr by Found Tapes) *
The Formula of the Complex of a Closed Mind (Cdr by Ueuoropa Records) *
Dal (Cdr by Ueuoropa Records) *
Sebastian Buczek – Stara Przugoda – Oddech Ludzi (Cdr by Mik Musik) *
Oondood – (Anduk)(unduke)(undude) (Cdr by Mik Musik) *
Retro*sex*galaxy – Music for the Masses Passes (Cassette by Mik Musik)
Sontag Shogun – 2015, NYC (Cassette, Private) *
Sontag Shogun – Tale Remixed (12″ by Interbang/folk Wisdom)
Kylie Field – Untitled Poem Cassette (Cassette by Tanuki Records)
Patrizia Oliva – Numen, Life of Elitra Lipozi (Cassette by Staaltape)