The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Lester Bowie in Hamburg, 1984

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

John Dikeman/ Andrew Lisle / Dirk Serries / Colin Webster – Apparitions (A New Wave of Jazz, 2016) ***½
Kodian Trio – I (A New Wave of Jazz, 2016) ****
John Dikeman / George Hadow / Dirk Serries / Martina Verhoeven / Luís Vicente – Live at Zaal 100 (Nachtstück Records, 2016) ****
Erik Platz – Life after Life (Allos Documents, 2016) ****
David Murray, Lester Bowie, John Lindberg, et al. – From New York (jazzwerkstatt, 2015) ***½ (****½)
David Ades – A Life In A Day (Lionshare, 2015) ****½
Uli Kempendorff’s Field – Heal the Rich (Why Play Jazz, 2016) ****
MMM Quartet – Oakland/Lisboa (RogueArt, 2015) ****½
The Spike Orchestra – Cerberus, The Book of Angels, Vol. 26 (Tzadik, 2015) ***1/2
Mycale – Gomory: The Book of Angels, Vol. 25 (Tzadik, 2015) ***
Klezmerson – Amon: The Book of Angels, Vol. 24 (Tzadik, 2015) ****

Dave Burrell with Andrew Cyrille and Steve Swell in Houston

Dave Burrell

Source: Nameless Sound.

Dave Burrell‘s Full Blown Duo featuring Andrew Cyrille
May 7, 2016
at Sanders Hall, Christ Church Cathedral
1117 Texas Ave, HOUSTON, TX 77002
$13 General/$10 Student/FREE under 18
Dave Burrell (Philadelphia, PA) – piano
Andrew Cyrille (Montclaire, NJ) – drums, percussion

Dave Burrell with Steve Swell
Performing Turning Point
May 8, 2016
at Sanders Hall, Christ Church Cathedral
1117 Texas Ave, HOUSTON, TX 77002
$13 General/$10 Student/FREE under 18
Performing Turning Point, the third in a series of five suites commemorating the people and events of the American Civil War.
Dave Burrell (Philadelphia, PA) – piano
Steve Swell (New York, NY) – trombone

Of Long Tones & Zips 

Source: ARTEIDOLIA. Dan Barbiero writes about sounds and silences.

Think of a performance on a string instrument consisting of long tones bowed with long pauses in between. Imagine at the same time a typical zip painting by Barnett Newman. A parallel immediately comes to mind: The one structures sound and time in the same way that the other structures the visual field and space.

The parallel emerges most clearly when we think of both in terms of plasticity, that is, in terms of the dynamic relations between and among elements, whether musical on the one hand or pictorial on the other. But first a phenomenological reduction of sorts: Consider Newman’s painting strictly in terms of their structural or compositional qualities, not in terms of the extra-formal associations Newman claimed for them.

The premise is this: The long tone against the audio background is analogous to the zip against the field. The gestalt is somehow similar, even if the tone intervenes in and divides literal time while the zip intervenes and divides pictorial space.

Brandon Lopez Interview

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Bassist Brandon Lopez has emerged onto the New York scene over the past few years. A robust, fiery, articulate player, he has been building a reputation for himself in solo performances and via Xivaros, his trio with Alejandro Florez and Carlo Costa. He has also been an active sideman with Amirtha Kidambi’s Elder Ones, Weasel Walter Large Ensemble, various groups with Peter Evans, Tyshawn Sorey, and Joe Morris, and more recently as a member of the Nate Wooley Quartet. Lopez is releasing a solo record on July 3 titled Vitriol on his new label Nun-less, No-more. He has three performances coming up at Muchmore’s and Manhattan Inn in Brooklyn as well as five dates on a European tour.