AMN Reviews: Andrew Chalk, Ralf Wehowsky, and Eric Lanzillotta – Yang-Tul (1998/2016; Cold Spring Records)

Ambient artists Andrew Chalk, Ralf Wehowsky, and Eric Lanzillotta join forces for two long tracks on this recent reissue of a 1998 release. The first piece, Wycha, features Chalk manipulating material from Wehowsky. A background sine wave provides the anchor drone, while object percussion and effects evoke a lo-fi experience. Gentle clunks, static, and hissing contribute throughout, as does a subtle, low-pitched background wash. This is ominous music that never quite goes full horror-show, but still might raise a few hairs.

For the second piece, Chalawy, Wehowsky worked over material from Chalk and Lanzillotta. The direction of this track is harder to ascertain, as noises and effects are the focus first four minutes or so, until an underlying mid-range drone evolves. Bassier elements also emerge, while sounds that resemble tuned percussion play in the foreground. Twisted whistling, wire scraping, and object percussion are prominent as well. The single drone eventually is replaced by several concurrent layers, each coming and going, until a cacophonous combination of keyboard and vocal sounds take this track to even darker places.