Moogfest Previewed

English: photo left to right Robert Moog Moog ...

Source: The Duke Chronicle.

The festival, which started in 2004, celebrates Dr. Robert Moog, who is regarded as one of the founding fathers of electronic music and whose invention of various technology tools for artists has helped to unite the fields of engineering and music. This year, the festival will take place from May 19 to 22 and will be spread out across multiple venues throughout Durham.

“It’s not just a music festival—Moogfest is a reimagining of the music festival and tech conference: the synthesis of music, art and technology,” said Marisa Brickman, the director of Moogfest. “By day, Moogfest presents a mind-expanding conference about creativity, technology and the future. By night, it presents performances by pioneers in electronic music alongside pop and avant-garde experimentalists of today.”