Vital Weekly Reviews 1028

Brion Gysin

Source: Vital Weekly.

Keith Rowe & Martin Küchen — The Bakery (Cd by Mikroton) *
Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun & Burkhard Beins — Future Perfect (Cd by Mikroton) *
Ryu Hankil & Noid Matija Schellanderand Others — Foreign Correspondents (Cd by Mikroton) *
Skaset — 8:15 (Cd by Conrad Sound) *
Key — Pentimento (Cd by Empiric Records) *
Jean-luc Guionnet — Plugged Inclinations (Cd by Circum Disc) *
Bi-ki? — Quelque Chose Au Milieu (Cd by Circum Disc) *
Protos Orofos 4 (Cd by Protos Orofos)
Protos Orofos 5 (Cdr by Protos Orofos)
Protos Orofos 6 (Cdr by Protos Orofos)
Protos Orofos 7 (Cdr by Protos Orofos)
P.s. stamps Back — Half Life (Cd by Protos Orofos) *
New Rumours and Other Noises – The Moonlight Nightcall (Cd by Casco)
Werner Hasler – The Outer String (Cd by Everest Records)
Linus & Okland/van Heertum – Felt Like Old Folk (Lp & Cd by Smeraldina-rima)
Brion Gysin‘s Dreamachine (Dvd, Book, Dreamachine by Soleilmoon Recordings)
Eric Lunde — The Twin Earth Experiment (Cdr, Dvdr, Book by Ballast) *
Phi Bui — Unnoticed Moments (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Daniel K. böhm — Carrier (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Sandray — (Pl.) Ep (3″cdr by Ceil)
Radboud Mens — Cycle (Cassette by No Rent) *
Funkhouser — Reworks Drekka: Within the Realm of the Unknown (Cassette by No!) *
Entre Vifs — Kohle + Stahl (Cassette by Aussaat)