Vital Weekly Reviews 1027

Source: Vital Weekly.

Lowered – Arche (for Gongs) (Cd by the Remains of My Estate) *
Bas Van Huizen – Waanzintraan (Cd by Moving Furniture Records) *
Taku Sugimoto – Septet (Cd by Meenna) *
Tetuzi Akiyama & Makoto Oshiro & Suzueri & Roger Turner – Live at Ftarri (Cd by Meenna) *
Shibatetsu – Plastic Pneuma (Cd by Hitorri) *
Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford – Fellfield Draff (Cd by Hideous Replica) *
Luciano Maggiore – 18 Rhythmic Studies for a Pen, a Cassette Case and a Korean Cassette Deck (Cd by Hideous Replica) *
Strøm – X (Cd by Mikroton) *
Norbert Möslang & Ilia Belorukov & Kurt Liedwart – Sale_interiora (Cd by Mikroton) *
Kurt Liedwart & Phil Raymond – Rim (Cd by Mikroton) *
Circle Bros – Rust (Lp by Three:four Records)
Deepfishk – Offshore Zone (Lp by Chmafu Nocords)
Mosquitoes (7″, Private)
Unfollow – all My Rifles (7″ by Lathelight)
Gretel – Lights/temple/loop #B (7″ by Lathelight)
Gorlen – Tape Death #10 (Cassette by Lathelight)
Gerald Fiebig & Emerge vs Nym – Condensed Endeavour (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Gerald Fiebig & Emerge – Compound (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Emerge & Sintari Mimithe – Kagome (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Re-drum & Emerge – Persecutory Delusion (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Re-drum & Emerge (Cassette by Attenuation Circuit) *
Sindre Bjerga – Dream Interruption (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Leo Dupleix – Two Compositions for Mixed Sources (2cdr by Albertine Records) *
Socrates Martinis – Under the Arches of Her Voice (Cdr by Organized Music from Thessaloniki) *
Enrique R. Palma – Contenance (3″cdr by Organized Music from Thessaloniki) *
Le Cable DE Feu – Firewire (Cassette by Tanuki Records)
Kali Malone – Tragic Chorus (Cassette by Xkatedral)
Maria W Horn/insect Ark – Magneta/long Arms (Cassette by Xkatedral)
Xkatedral Volume Ii (Cassette Compilation by Xkatedral)
Entre Vifs – Kohle + Stahl (Cassette by Aussaat)
Adam Asnan – Carriers, PA (Cassette by Mappa)
Bakunin Commando (Cassette by Amok Tapes)
Ontal – Simulacron (Cassette by Amok Tapes)
The Last Wave – Courcircuit (Cassette by Cro2 Records)