The Final Reykjavík Tectonics Begins

Source: The Reykjavik Grapevine.

The sparky, bristly, diminutive Ilan Volkov must be, by now, very familiar to anyone interested in classical music and contemporary composition in Reykjavík. He began as chief conductor and music director of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in 2011, and as such has been a highly visible figure, both in his work as a conductor, and as the founder of Tectonics Festival—a wide-ranging and joyful exploration and celebration of the chasms, crossroads and crash sites between the various genres of contemporary music.

“Tectonics is a project that combines new music in all its variety—free jazz, electronic music, rock, experimentation, sound art, and classical music,” says Ilan. “It has a local focus—most of the programme in Iceland is Icelandic music, then when it’s in Britain it’s mostly British, and so forth. There are international guests, too—we’ve brought some amazing guests here, including this year.”