Detroit Free Arts Music Festival

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Source: Detroit Free Arts Music Festival. This fest takes place Friday and Saturday. Read more here.

Two days of experimental and improvised music from Detroit-based, regional, and national acts. Highlights cutting edge work from emerging and established artists.

Created and curated by Michael Malis and James Cornish, Detroit Free Arts features acoustic and electro-acoustic improvisers spanning the diverse territory of creative music.

6-630 Maatchoo Blessyou Daher
645-715 Augusta Rose
730-800 Djallo Djakate
815-845 James Cornish / John Olson / Eric Schweizer / Lisa LaMarre
900-930 Rent Romus / Joel Peterson
945-1015 Jazz Bras Dot Com (Elisa Thorn / Jessica Ackerley Guitar / Laura Swankey)
1030-1100 Derek Worthington / Mark Kirschenmann
1115-1145 Ben Willis / BC Grimm Duo

130-200 Nicholas Arthur Tallidis / Jordon Schranz
215-245 Abby Alwin
300-330 Rafael Statin
345-415 Thomas Bell
430-445 Marcus Elliot
5-530 Rent Romus / James Cornish/ Elisa Thorn
545-615 Jake Shadik
630-7 Shelby Murphy / Skeeter Shelton
715-745 Witchpucker (Dan Clark / Sara Grosky)
8-830 Flandrew Fleisenberg / Jim Strong
845-915 Mike Monford / Mixxael Mxlis
930-10 Alex Koi
1015-1045 Maatchoo Blessyou Daher / Mixxael Mxlis / Rachael Ahn Harbert / Simon Alexander-Adams
1100—-All IN

Schedule to be announced.
Admission $5-10

Spread Art @detroit contemporary
5141 Rosa Parks