Coming to Detroit’s Trinosophes

Hamid Drake at Moers Festival 2006, Germany

Source: Trinosophes.

Thursday, April 14: Jack Wright and Bob Marsh, Ben Willis

Jack and Bob have been playing together since they met in Detroit in 1986, their duo transforming over time as their music has developed. They have toured on the East and West Coast and the Midwest, most recently connecting in the Bay Area, before that tours that took them from the east coast to Chicago. Their music has shifted from a huge web of notes and fast-shifting directions on conventional instruments to sound and space, with Bob playing electronics and distorted voice….yet still they are indelibly the same duo. And the best of friends.

Local favorite Ben Willis kicks things off with his exceptional set for solo doublebass. Doors at 8 pm; $8.

Saturday, April 16: Matthew Shipp/Michael Bisio Duo, Karuna (Adam Rudolph/Hamid Drake Duo)

For the past four decades composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph has performed extensively throughout North & South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has released over 30 recordings under his own name, featuring his compositions and percussion work. Rudolph composes for his ensembles Moving Pictures Octet, Hu Vibrational, and Go: Organic Orchestra, a 30-piece group for which he has developed an original music notation and conducting system. He has taught and conducted hundreds of musicians worldwide in his Go: Organic Orchestra concept. A trailblazer of what became known as “World Music,” Rudolph and kora player Foday Musa Suso co-founded Mandingo Griot Society in 1978, one of the first groups to combine African and American music. In 1988, he recorded a fusion of American and Gnawa music with Sintir player and singer Hassan Hakmoun.

Hamid Drake was born in Monroe, Louisiana but for the most part was raised in Chicago. In 1974 he began what was to be a long-term musical relationship with Fred Anderson who introduced him to performing with many of the other artists in the AACM. In late 1977 Drake joined Adam Rudolph and Foday Musa Suso to form the Mandingo Griot society, one of the first groups in the United States to explore the relationship between traditional West African and American musical idioms. He met Don Cherry when the group recorded their first LP on Flying fish Records. Drake’s relationship with Cherry continued until Cherry’s passing in 1995 doing many tours throughout Europe, Japan and the United States with him. Don Cherry provided a major breakthrough for Drake not only musically but spiritually as well. Since 1987 Drake has recorded toured extensively in Europe and the US with German saxophonist Peter Brotzmann and also with bass player William Parker in several of his ensembles and with many other artists.

Matthew Shipp/Michael Bisio Duo
Famed free-jazz pianist and composer Matthew Shipp has found his most reliable collaborator in the form of bassist Michael Bisio, and they’ve been performing more and more as just a duo. Their deep familiarity and sympathetic approaches makes for some amazing musical telepathy.

Doors at 8 pm.
Reserved seats $20; front row $25
General addmission: $12

Friday, April 22 & Saturday, April 23: Soli- A festival of solo guitar

Soli is a new festival celebrating the art of solo guitar. From dazzling fingerpicking stylists to slow and righteous players, effects-heavy droners to acoustic trouabdours, the Soli Festival presents some of the most talented folks to pick up a guitar. One-third of the artists are traveling from afar, while the others hail from these parts.


5/12: Arringto de Dionyso

5/22 Peter Brötzmann/Heather Leigh Murray Duo

Trip Metal Fest Events

5/27: A conversation with Morton Subotnick!

5/28: A conversation with Hieroglyphic Being

5/29: Telematic talk with Pauline Oliveros

Vital Weekly Reviews 1027

Source: Vital Weekly.

Lowered – Arche (for Gongs) (Cd by the Remains of My Estate) *
Bas Van Huizen – Waanzintraan (Cd by Moving Furniture Records) *
Taku Sugimoto – Septet (Cd by Meenna) *
Tetuzi Akiyama & Makoto Oshiro & Suzueri & Roger Turner – Live at Ftarri (Cd by Meenna) *
Shibatetsu – Plastic Pneuma (Cd by Hitorri) *
Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford – Fellfield Draff (Cd by Hideous Replica) *
Luciano Maggiore – 18 Rhythmic Studies for a Pen, a Cassette Case and a Korean Cassette Deck (Cd by Hideous Replica) *
Strøm – X (Cd by Mikroton) *
Norbert Möslang & Ilia Belorukov & Kurt Liedwart – Sale_interiora (Cd by Mikroton) *
Kurt Liedwart & Phil Raymond – Rim (Cd by Mikroton) *
Circle Bros – Rust (Lp by Three:four Records)
Deepfishk – Offshore Zone (Lp by Chmafu Nocords)
Mosquitoes (7″, Private)
Unfollow – all My Rifles (7″ by Lathelight)
Gretel – Lights/temple/loop #B (7″ by Lathelight)
Gorlen – Tape Death #10 (Cassette by Lathelight)
Gerald Fiebig & Emerge vs Nym – Condensed Endeavour (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Gerald Fiebig & Emerge – Compound (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Emerge & Sintari Mimithe – Kagome (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Re-drum & Emerge – Persecutory Delusion (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Re-drum & Emerge (Cassette by Attenuation Circuit) *
Sindre Bjerga – Dream Interruption (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Leo Dupleix – Two Compositions for Mixed Sources (2cdr by Albertine Records) *
Socrates Martinis – Under the Arches of Her Voice (Cdr by Organized Music from Thessaloniki) *
Enrique R. Palma – Contenance (3″cdr by Organized Music from Thessaloniki) *
Le Cable DE Feu – Firewire (Cassette by Tanuki Records)
Kali Malone – Tragic Chorus (Cassette by Xkatedral)
Maria W Horn/insect Ark – Magneta/long Arms (Cassette by Xkatedral)
Xkatedral Volume Ii (Cassette Compilation by Xkatedral)
Entre Vifs – Kohle + Stahl (Cassette by Aussaat)
Adam Asnan – Carriers, PA (Cassette by Mappa)
Bakunin Commando (Cassette by Amok Tapes)
Ontal – Simulacron (Cassette by Amok Tapes)
The Last Wave – Courcircuit (Cassette by Cro2 Records)

The Final Reykjavík Tectonics Begins

Source: The Reykjavik Grapevine.

The sparky, bristly, diminutive Ilan Volkov must be, by now, very familiar to anyone interested in classical music and contemporary composition in Reykjavík. He began as chief conductor and music director of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in 2011, and as such has been a highly visible figure, both in his work as a conductor, and as the founder of Tectonics Festival—a wide-ranging and joyful exploration and celebration of the chasms, crossroads and crash sites between the various genres of contemporary music.

“Tectonics is a project that combines new music in all its variety—free jazz, electronic music, rock, experimentation, sound art, and classical music,” says Ilan. “It has a local focus—most of the programme in Iceland is Icelandic music, then when it’s in Britain it’s mostly British, and so forth. There are international guests, too—we’ve brought some amazing guests here, including this year.”

Steve Reich on Turning 80

American composer Steve Reich performing clapp...

Source: The Globe and Mail, and Steve Reich interview.

Steve Reich, 80 this October, is perhaps the world’s most important living composer, a creative personality who almost singlehandedly brought music back from the brink of obscurantism that threatened to sink it in the late fifties and early sixties with his patterned, slowly moving, deeply emotional musical textures. He’s also, as it turns out, a guy with one of the sweetest smiles, and sweetest laughs, that you could imagine, who sounds remarkably like Groucho Marx at times, and who combines a keen mind with an expansive and generous personality. The Globe spoke with the New York-born Reich before he made his way to Toronto for a special 80th-birthday concert on Thursday night at Massey Hall.

Detroit Free Arts Music Festival

English: Rent Romus performing at the San Fran...

Source: Detroit Free Arts Music Festival. This fest takes place Friday and Saturday. Read more here.

Two days of experimental and improvised music from Detroit-based, regional, and national acts. Highlights cutting edge work from emerging and established artists.

Created and curated by Michael Malis and James Cornish, Detroit Free Arts features acoustic and electro-acoustic improvisers spanning the diverse territory of creative music.

6-630 Maatchoo Blessyou Daher
645-715 Augusta Rose
730-800 Djallo Djakate
815-845 James Cornish / John Olson / Eric Schweizer / Lisa LaMarre
900-930 Rent Romus / Joel Peterson
945-1015 Jazz Bras Dot Com (Elisa Thorn / Jessica Ackerley Guitar / Laura Swankey)
1030-1100 Derek Worthington / Mark Kirschenmann
1115-1145 Ben Willis / BC Grimm Duo

130-200 Nicholas Arthur Tallidis / Jordon Schranz
215-245 Abby Alwin
300-330 Rafael Statin
345-415 Thomas Bell
430-445 Marcus Elliot
5-530 Rent Romus / James Cornish/ Elisa Thorn
545-615 Jake Shadik
630-7 Shelby Murphy / Skeeter Shelton
715-745 Witchpucker (Dan Clark / Sara Grosky)
8-830 Flandrew Fleisenberg / Jim Strong
845-915 Mike Monford / Mixxael Mxlis
930-10 Alex Koi
1015-1045 Maatchoo Blessyou Daher / Mixxael Mxlis / Rachael Ahn Harbert / Simon Alexander-Adams
1100—-All IN

Schedule to be announced.
Admission $5-10

Spread Art @detroit contemporary
5141 Rosa Parks