New Releases From GOD Records

Source: GOD Records.

Peter Ablinger
Voices and Piano

… The general idea of ‘Voices and Piano’ probably has to do with the fact that when somebody speaks to me I never miss the melody of the speech but sometimes the meaning. When I was a young boy my mother asked me to go out to buy a pound of butter, 10 eggs and a loaf of bread. I listened very attentively. I loved how she spoke to me. I hopped on my bike, rode to the store and waited in the line until it was my turn – only then to realize that I had not listened to the content of the message and had to ride back home to ask…

Vladan Radovanović
Phonoverse-Complete Electroacoustic Music

Triple vinyl set, Phonoverse, collects entire opus of electroacoustic works of Serbian composer and multi media artist, Vladan Radovanović, between 1960 and 1993, from which many of them are long out of print and many of them for the first time on vinyl – perfect opportunity for rediscovering some of most brilliant works from the founder of Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio…