AMN Reviews: Fire Maidens from Outer Space – Suddenly Alien (2015; Bandcamp)

These fire maidens are Bonnie Kane on sax, Reuben Radding on bass, and Dave Miller on drums. Referring to them as a free jazz trio would not be inaccurate, but perhaps not descriptive enough. The level of rawness and aggression herein goes beyond the mere “free” into a whole new territory.

Kane dedicated this album to “all who have been, and will be, displaced – by acts of man, by acts of nature. No doubt, there is a sense of anger herein. Kane’s playing (often multi-tracked) has a wailing, punk-rock urgency, while Radding and Miller fill out the low ends with busy, constantly-shifting rhythms. Some comparisons could be made to late-period Coltrane, the Italian improv group Zu, and of course Peter Brotzmann.

The result of all this is a 55-minute blast of energy, with few breaks or time for introspection. Some such moments are when Kane switches to flute, but those tracks are shorter, and just as bold as the more overtly outside offerings. This is a great recording for those who prefer a shot of dissonance in their morning coffee. Highly recommended.