No Response Festival in Cincinatti

English: John Wiese (left) and C. Spencer Yeh ...

Source: No Response Festival.

When: 6/23-6/24
Venue: Woodward Theater 1404 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

JOHN BENDER- FIRST GIG IN OVER 30 YEARS! Man/myth minimal synth/cold wave pioneer and legend.

BILL ORCUTT (from San Francisco)- Ex-Harry Pussy guitarist, post-american primitive fractured-blues

C. SPENCER YEH (from New York)- solo voice/electronics

KEVIN DRUMM (from Chicago)- Beast electronics

AARON DILLOWAY (from Oberlin)- Tape loop manipulation and haunting electronics. Ex-Wolf Eyes, Hanson Records owner

HAIR POLICE (from Lexington/Detroit)- Structured chaos and psychedelic noise trio. Members of Three Legged Race, Clay Rendering, Attempt, ex-Wolf Eyes

SISSY SPACEK (from LA)- John Wiese led noisecore duo

SARAH DAVACHI (from Vancouver)- Modular synth drone and textured ambience