Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 08/2016

English: Kenny Werner backstage at the Blue note.

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Race the Change: John Iacovone Alto and Soprano Saxophones Rich Rosenthal Guitar François Grillot Double-bass Tom Cabrera Drums

Solidarity: Matt Lavelle‘s 12 Houses Line up Here

Yves Theiler
Dance in a Triangle: Yves Theiler, P, Wurli/ Luca Sisera, B/ Lukas Mantel, Dr

Silent People: Gianpaolo Camplese, DE/ Stefano Meucci, Electronics

Jeff Guthery
Black Paintings: Kenny Werner, P/ George Garzone, Ts/ Bruno Raberg, B/ Jeff Guthery, Dr/ + East Coast Scoring Orchestra

Subjects and Structures: P Dunmall, Ts/ B Coats, as, Snino S, Ss/ C Mwamba, Vib/ W Shaw, Perc/ S Bennett, B/ M Sanders, Dr

Matthew Fries
Parallel States: Matthew Fries, P

Milk Factory Productions
Saturn Return: Chris Dammann – Bass Nick Anaya – Tenor Sax James Davis – Trumpet Catherine Monnes – Violin, Cello

Matt Criscuolo
the Dialogue: Matt Criscuolo – Saxophone Tony Purrone – Guitar Will Calboun – Drums Dave Anderson – Bass

Freedonia Music
Triopolis: Tracy, Cello/ Greg Mills, P/ Dave Stone, Ss, Ts, Bass Sax

Red Toucan
Rope: Uwe Oberg – Piano Frank Paul Schubert – Soprano Saxophone Wilbert DE Joode – Bass Mark Sanders – Drums

Calling Coltrane: Sangeeta, G/ John Esposito, P, Dr/James Finn, S, FL, Bells/ Hill Greene, B/ Peter O Brian, Dr

Toxydoll: Vicent Doménech – Sax Alberto Cavenati – Guitar Bob Meanza – Keys and Electronics Olga Nosova – Drums