Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 08/2016

English: Kenny Werner backstage at the Blue note.

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Race the Change: John Iacovone Alto and Soprano Saxophones Rich Rosenthal Guitar François Grillot Double-bass Tom Cabrera Drums

Solidarity: Matt Lavelle‘s 12 Houses Line up Here

Yves Theiler
Dance in a Triangle: Yves Theiler, P, Wurli/ Luca Sisera, B/ Lukas Mantel, Dr

Silent People: Gianpaolo Camplese, DE/ Stefano Meucci, Electronics

Jeff Guthery
Black Paintings: Kenny Werner, P/ George Garzone, Ts/ Bruno Raberg, B/ Jeff Guthery, Dr/ + East Coast Scoring Orchestra

Subjects and Structures: P Dunmall, Ts/ B Coats, as, Snino S, Ss/ C Mwamba, Vib/ W Shaw, Perc/ S Bennett, B/ M Sanders, Dr

Matthew Fries
Parallel States: Matthew Fries, P

Milk Factory Productions
Saturn Return: Chris Dammann – Bass Nick Anaya – Tenor Sax James Davis – Trumpet Catherine Monnes – Violin, Cello

Matt Criscuolo
the Dialogue: Matt Criscuolo – Saxophone Tony Purrone – Guitar Will Calboun – Drums Dave Anderson – Bass

Freedonia Music
Triopolis: Tracy, Cello/ Greg Mills, P/ Dave Stone, Ss, Ts, Bass Sax

Red Toucan
Rope: Uwe Oberg – Piano Frank Paul Schubert – Soprano Saxophone Wilbert DE Joode – Bass Mark Sanders – Drums

Calling Coltrane: Sangeeta, G/ John Esposito, P, Dr/James Finn, S, FL, Bells/ Hill Greene, B/ Peter O Brian, Dr

Toxydoll: Vicent Doménech – Sax Alberto Cavenati – Guitar Bob Meanza – Keys and Electronics Olga Nosova – Drums

Vital Weekly Reviews 1026

Source: Vital Weekly.

Cyril Secq &Amp; Orla Wren – Branches (Cd by Dronarivm) *
Chihei Hatakeyama – Requiem for Black Night and Earth Spiders (Cd by White Paddy Mountain) *
The Cray Twins – The Pier (Cd by Fang Bomb)
Astral Colonels – Good Times in the End Times (Cd by Immediata) *
Extended Pianos – Switch on a Dime (Cd by Immediata) *
Artificial Memory Trace – Hypnotikon (Cd by Unfathomless) *
David Velez & Bruno Duplant – Moyens Fantomes (Cd by Unfathomless) *
Calder – Down (Cd by Nature Bliss) *
Reutoff – No One’s Lullabies (Cd by Zhelezobeton) *
Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro – Inner & Outer Space (Cd by Zhelezobeton) *
Hattifnatter – Barometrizm (Cd by Zhelezobeton) *
Vindicatrix – AL-Bashariyya (12″ by Dekorder)
Le Revelateur – Hyper (12″ by Dekorder)
Pokk! (12″ by Sm-ll)
Thaumaturgist – Thomas Pynchon Tribute Band (Cdr by V-pong) *
Cadaver Eyes – Class Mammal (Cdr by Heart &Amp; Crossbone)
Trap Rig Unit – XII[ast12 (Cdr by Trangsao) *
Aglaia Is Always Wrong – Forgetful Diver (Cdr by More Mars) *
A4 – Focus (Cassette by Vitrine)
Guyer’s Connection (Cassette by Crash Symbols)
Fishers – Under the Sheepherder Bridge (Cassette by Crash Symbols)
Ratkiller – Odor Orienting (Cassette by Crash Symbols)
Lärmschutz & Spelonk – Le Noise Di Figaro (Cassette by Ephem Aural)
[[[Personblack]]] – Desolatus (Cassette by Ephem Aural)
Friends & Farmers (Cassette by Ephem Aural)
Erupts as Intrusions – Suntan Priest Is Ours (Cassette by Spurious Transients)
Phantom Air Waves/Michael Esposito – Voice Box: a Collection of Oddities and Curiosities (Usb Drive by Phantom Archives) *

Sonny Rollins Profiled

Outdoor portrait of Sonny Rollins, american ja...

Source: The Telegraph.

One of the last in a generation of jazz greats, Sonny Rollins once thought music could change the world. His optimism about humanity has since vanished but, at 85, he still has much he wants to say.

The “Saxophone Colossus”, a nickname that was also the title of his seminal 1956 album, is among a handful of sax players including John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins who defined the instrument, with Rollins creating a heavy-charging, mordant style that was also readily experimental.