New Releases From Tzadik

English: John Zorn Français : John Zorn

Source: Tzadik.

Cyro Baptista : BlueFly
A veteran of groups led by Herbie Hancock, Yo-Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon, Phish, Sting and many more, Cyro Baptista continues to bring life, love and madness to every ensemble he works with. His own bands Banquet of the Spirits and Beat the Donkey tour the world to great acclaim and his CDs continue to be Tzadik best-sellers. Cyro’s latest project is a pop-infused psychedelic trip featuring Cyro with a huge lineup of all-star musicians. Three years in the making, this is groovy lyrical instrumental and vocal music that you will listen to morning, noon and night. A classic!

John Zorn : The Painted Bird
The fourth CD in a 12-month period by Zorn’s most powerful new ensemble presents nine genre-busting compositions mixing jazz, metal, classical, world music and more. This time their trademark sound is augmented by the ringing tones of Kenny Wollesen’s vibraphone to create their wildest, most insane CD to date. Juxtaposing complex atonal lines, driving vamps, heavy metal riffs, improvisational madness, shredding solos and moments of profound lyricism, The Painted Bird is a surreal and expressive new world in sound. Moonchild meets Nova Express!

Richard Crandell : Mbira Magic
Hypnotic and beautiful music for mbira from an American maverick in the Terry Riley/Harry Partch tradition. A colleague of Leo Kottke, John Fahey and Thomas Mapfumo, Richard Crandell has been captivating audiences with his intricate mbira tapestries for years. Minimalism meets world music in this charming and delicate series of West Coast etudes for modified mbira.

Great Jewish Music: Jacob do Bandolim
One of the founders of the Brazilian instrumental style choro, Jacob do Bandolim began his long musical career by plucking his violin with a hairpin, and very soon developed into the greatest mandolin virtuoso Brazil has ever known. His compositions virtually defined the choro style through the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, and he remains one of the most endearing figures in Brazilian music to this day. This exciting tribute to one of Brazil’s greatest Jewish composers features creative arrangements by Tzadik regulars ranging from the traditional to the experimental. Charming and powerful music with a sensual lyricism from one of the guiding lights of the Jewish Diaspora.



March 20, 2016
Tomeka Reid Quartet, IBeam
Tomas Fujiwara Mary Halvorson Tomeka Reid Jason Roebke

March 17, 2016
Maja S. K. Ratkje Solo, Roulette
Maja Ratkje

March 16, 2016
Simon Jermyn’s Trot A Mouse, Rye
Simon Jermyn Ingrid Laubrock Mat Maneri Tom Rainey

March 17, 2016
SPUNK, Roulette
Kristin Andersen Okkyung Lee Maja Ratkje Hild Sofie Tafjord

March 19, 2016
Joe Morris’ Arcade, IBeam
Henry Fraser Joe Moffett Joe Morris Gabe Terracciano

March 13, 2016
The Thing, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Mats Gustafsson Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Paal Nilssen-Love

March 13, 2016
Colin Stetson Solo, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Colin Stetson