Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Source: ISSUE Project Room.

Akio Suzuki: Conceptual Soundwork
Friday, March 18th – 8pm
22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn

Active since the 1960s, Japanese sound artist Akio Suzuki’s intensive involvement with the phenomena of pulse and echo led him to develop his own instruments, many of which employ quotidian and modest objects. In this acoustic solo performance, he reprises four pieces from his late 70s series “Conceptual Soundwork”.

Takahiro Kawaguchi & Makoto Oshiro
Tuesday, March 22nd – 8pm
22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn

Japanese artists Takahiro Kawaguchi and Makoto Oshiro use homemade devices and everyday objects to create sounds with discrete relationships to performance spaces. Kawaguchi performs with handmade acoustic horns and small objects, Oshiro improvises with diverse materials including electronics and household products.