AMN Reviews: Bionulor – Stary Pisarz (Oniron)

stary-pisarz-250William Burroughs, the Beat Generation author, proto-post modernist (co-creator of the cut-up technique with Brion Gysin) and outlaw satirist, who outlived almost all of his contemporaries despite nearly life-long heroin addiction, hung around long enough to collaborate with admirers as diverse as Laurie Anderson, U2, Bill Laswell, Tom Waits, sci-fi innovator William Gibson and Gus Van Sant.

In celebration of the hundredth anniversary of his birth in 2014, Bionulor (Sebastian Banaszczyk) presented the multimedia show Stary Pistarz (“The Old Writer”), a forty-minute long sound sculpture at a literary festival in Częstochowa, based on selected works. Void of samples of the author´s distinctive, lemon-sucking sour Edward G. Robinson snarl, the music (“100% sound recycling”) largely reflects Burroughs´ lengthy sojourn in Tangiers with Moroccan-flavored pastiches, but also bears ambient traces of his Midwestern birth place and the industrial, purple-assed baboonery of his critical, paranoid view of life. A worthy tribute and strong, stand alone listening experience.

Stephen Fruitman