AMN Reviews: Timedog – Objects of Mind (Diametric)

R-5895609-1405671123-9612.jpegObjects in the mirror of the mind may be closer than they appear. For his debut, Glasgow´s Timedog (Pete Burton) has created an ambient suite of ten pieces that, rather than spirit you away from this world on rainbow clouds of synth, ground you in its all its admirable grittiness. Like a new kind of urbanity of indeterminate demography, Objects of Mind is a thing of shreds and patches, a North African souk on Park Avenue close by a Bohemian circus, often rhythm-driven but more like the rhythm of pedestrian traffic than musical meter. The impressive variety of events conjured across the course of sixty-five minutes demonstrates a darting quality of mind, though Burton is in no rush, he patiently lets each “object” unfold, examines it from every angle, offering an experience of beauty with only minimal support from nature, although it shares with her certain rough edges and appealing asymmetries. A unique and deep vision of what ambient can be.

Stephen Fruitman