Chimiak & Zook / Yoko K + Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities in DC on Saturday

On Saturday, March 5, the Chimiak & Zook duo performs at RhizomeDC, a new community-supported nonprofit arts and performance center in Takoma Park DC/MD (the community straddles the DC/MD boundary). 

The Chimiak & Zook duo is a project of Emily Chimiak (vocals & violin), accompanied by T. A. Zook (nylon-string guitar).  The kernel of this project is to set some of Emily Chimiak’s French great-grandmother’s poetic musings to song, in French, as well as other, more contemporaneous original works.  The duo’s video by John Hallberg & Greg Hess  was nominated for “Best Music Video” in the 2015 NOVA International Film Festival , and the audio recording of this tune (“La Cendre”) was subsequently awarded an Honorable Mention in the Songwriters’ Association of Washington’s 32nd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.   The duo is currently producing a Hallberg/Hess video of “Giboulée“. 

Chimiak & Zook will be operning for Yoko K + Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities.   RhizomeDC has posted the following concerning Yoko K. + Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities:

RhizomeDC has received the following transmission from performer, composer and producer Yoko K. , two-time winner of Washington Area Music Awards ‘Best Electronica Artist’ and former Artist-in-Residence at Strathmore (2011-12):

Facebook event: