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AMN Reviews: Moppa Elliott – Still, up in the Air [Hot Cup Records]

moppaelliott3Still, up in the Air, the first solo release by Mostly Other People Do the Killing bassist Moppa Elliott, is a largely unedited recording done live at Wilkes-Barre, PA’s St. Stephen Pro Cathedral in February of last year. The seven tracks showcase Elliott’s robust voice, which establishes itself immediately with the mixed pizzicato and percussive strikes that open the set. Whether using bow or fingers, Elliott favors a dense texture built up of multiple notes sounding at once. A signature sound is a variety of auto-counterpoint via creative techniques for plucking, hammering and stopping the strings. When applied energetically, as they often are, these techniques often give the impression of two basses being played simultaneously. Enjoyable enough in its own right, Elliott’s virtuosity is ultimately a means for creating tension-laden excitement and keeping up a relentless forward motion.

Daniel Barbiero

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