Vital Weekly Reviews 1021

Source: Vital Weekly.

Emerge – Hiding Place (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Astarium – In the Nebulous Sky (Cdr by Frozen Light) *
Aliens vs Dinosaurs (2cd Compilation by Frozen Light)
Karl J. Paloucek – Variation 1 (Cd, Private) *
Krzysztof Penderecki/Eugeniusz Rudnik – Homo Ludens (Cd by Bolt Records) *
Kasper T. toeplitz – Almasty (Cd by Sleaze Art) *
Milan Knizak & Opening Performance Orchestra – Broken Music/re:broken Music (Cd by Sub Rosa) *
Barbara Kinga Majewska & Emilia Sitarz – Franz Schubert Witerreise (Cd by Populista) *
Joanna Halszka Sokollowska – Franz Schubert Witerreise (Cd by Populista) *
Richard Youngs – Parallel Winter (Cd by Populista) *
Zalys – Sublime (Cd by Reverse Alignment) *
Red Fog – Buried on Vanth (Cd by Reverse Alignment) *
Mollusk – Aeon Synapses Connect (Cdr by Reverse Alignment) *
Moljebka Pvlse – A Transformation (Cdr by Reverse Alignment) *
Tarotplane – First (Lp by Aguirre Records)
Brendan Dougherty – Sensate (Lp by Entr’acte) *
Ennio Mazzon – Pavement Narrows (Cdr by Disecreet Records) *
Arvind Ganga/tinas Tello (Split Cassette by Andes Tapes) *
Hey Exit – Caudata (Cassette by of Plants) *
Cinema Perdu – A Perfect Negative (2 Cassettes by Audio Visuals Atmosphere) *
Francis Heery – Cascade (Cassette by Lamour) *