Vital Weekly Reviews 1021

Source: Vital Weekly.

Emerge – Hiding Place (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Astarium – In the Nebulous Sky (Cdr by Frozen Light) *
Aliens vs Dinosaurs (2cd Compilation by Frozen Light)
Karl J. Paloucek – Variation 1 (Cd, Private) *
Krzysztof Penderecki/Eugeniusz Rudnik – Homo Ludens (Cd by Bolt Records) *
Kasper T. toeplitz – Almasty (Cd by Sleaze Art) *
Milan Knizak & Opening Performance Orchestra – Broken Music/re:broken Music (Cd by Sub Rosa) *
Barbara Kinga Majewska & Emilia Sitarz – Franz Schubert Witerreise (Cd by Populista) *
Joanna Halszka Sokollowska – Franz Schubert Witerreise (Cd by Populista) *
Richard Youngs – Parallel Winter (Cd by Populista) *
Zalys – Sublime (Cd by Reverse Alignment) *
Red Fog – Buried on Vanth (Cd by Reverse Alignment) *
Mollusk – Aeon Synapses Connect (Cdr by Reverse Alignment) *
Moljebka Pvlse – A Transformation (Cdr by Reverse Alignment) *
Tarotplane – First (Lp by Aguirre Records)
Brendan Dougherty – Sensate (Lp by Entr’acte) *
Ennio Mazzon – Pavement Narrows (Cdr by Disecreet Records) *
Arvind Ganga/tinas Tello (Split Cassette by Andes Tapes) *
Hey Exit – Caudata (Cassette by of Plants) *
Cinema Perdu – A Perfect Negative (2 Cassettes by Audio Visuals Atmosphere) *
Francis Heery – Cascade (Cassette by Lamour) *

New Ghosts Spring 2016 Concert Series 

A shot from a 2006 performance by Peter Brötzm...

Source: Cleveland’s New Ghosts.

Friday, March 25th at Mahall’s 20 Lanes (13200 Madison Avenue, Lakewood)
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar)
9:00pm / $8 advance / $10 day-of-show (local openers TBA)

Thursday, April 7th at Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Avenue)
Chatoyant (Marko Novachcoff, reeds; Matt Smith, guitar; Joel Peterson, keyboards; James Baljo, drums)
9:00pm / $10 (local openers TBA)

Monday, May 23rd at The Beachland Tavern (15711 Waterloo Road)
Peter Brötzmann Duo with Heather Leigh (reeds, pedal steel guitar)
8:30pm / $20 (local openers TBA)

Tuesday, May 31st at The Bop Stop
Thumbscrew (Mary Halvorson, guitar; Michael Formanek, bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums)
8:00pm / $15

Ensemble mise-en performs Edison Denisov in NY

Source: ensemble mise-en.

ENSEMBLE MISE-EN and the Jordan Center for Advanced Russian Study at New York University presents, Composer Portraits: Edison Denisov

April 29th, 2016 – 5pm
The Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012

ENSEMBLE MISE-EN will be presenting a portrait concert featuring works by Russian composer Edison Denisov at 5PM on April 29th at New York University’s Bobst Library. This concert is a continuation of a series of portrait concerts presented in partnership with the Jordan Center for Advanced Russian Study at NYU. The program includes Denisov’s Two Pieces for Three Instruments, Sextet, Dedicace, and Widmung.

Cassauna New Releases

Source: Cassauna.


Multi-instrumentalist Steven R. Smith and veteran experimentalist Dirk Serries teamed up for a collaborative album that is as familiar as it is different from their individual sonic endaevours.

Made with electric guitars, fender rhodes, organs and all various types of bowed instruments, this album is about organic evolution. Each ‘mantra’ constructed from the directness of each instrument, meticulously layered against each other, creating the drone. Four long-form mantra’s, four harmonic themes that excel in their own beautiful organic progress over time.


Adam Basanta is a Montreal-based sound artist and experimental music composer. His sound installations investigate intersections between sound reproduction, consumer technologies and the activity of listening.

In A Room Listening to Itself, the artist produced sound exclusively through amplification techniques which make audible the physical relationships between microphones and reclaimed speaker cones within a gallery’s surrounding acoustic environment.
 In this work, eight iconic SM58 microphones and eight reclaimed speaker cones are dispersed throughout the gallery space, arranged in a manner which produces complex computer-controlled feedback and recursive amplification networks. Using these acoustic phenomena, the gallery space is turned into a giant resonator that amplifies acoustic space as a product of spatial relationships. Custom-built software algorithms constantly re-calibrate the room to ever-changing acoustic situations, aiming for a sonic equilibrium that remains out of reach.
The result is an ever-changing spatial composition encompassing ambient passages, resonant chords, and rhythmic activities – created solely using feedback – through which gallery visitors can navigate.


Vertical is Caterina Barbieri’s debut album and it was composed for vocals and Buchla 200 modular synthesizer.
Vertical takes a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics, stretching the boundaries between drone, minimalism and techno in multichannel systems. This minimalistic focus arises from the polyrhythmic and stratigraphic potential of voltage-controlled sequencers.

Synthesis, drone and immersive listening are three fundamental conditions to enhance an advanced auditory art, not based on extrinsic links but solely built on the experience of the spectrum, able to develop our very limited ability of perceiving the vertical domain of music, involving us in a holistic way.
Caterina Barbieri (1990) is a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music. Mostly interested in modular synthesis, three-dimensional spatialisation and psychoacoustic aural sculpture, her music arises from a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics..

She received a degree in classical guitar and electro-acoustic music at the conservatory of Bologna, Italy (plus an exchange programme at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden) with a thesis about time, space and spectrum in vertical music. She’s currently attending a bachelor in literature and she’s active as audiovisual artist, acousmatic composer and guitarist. Her work has been commissioned and performed in festivals and venues of experimental music.

Wilco’s Glenn Kotche / So Percussion’s ‘Drumkit Quartets’ Reviewed

Glenn Kotche


When Kotche is not making music with Wilco, he tends to be busy crafting much stranger, more avant-garde sounds, which isn’t to say Wilco albums like “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” and the Grammy Award-winning “A Ghost Is Born” didn’t have their much stranger, more avant-garde moments. But the music Kotche makes under his name tends to be more John Cage than Joe Cocker, more Steve Reich than Stevie Ray Vaughan.