Anthony Braxton Interview and Upcoming Releases

Anthony Braxton

Source: The New York Times.

At 70, the composer, saxophonist, pianist and inveterate musical big-picture-ist Anthony Braxton sounds ebullient. He is releasing three boxed sets of new music on April 1, coinciding with his performances in two different ensembles at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tenn.: a trio, and his 11-piece band called the 10 + 1tet. “After 28 years of teaching, now I find myself in a situation when I can compose music every day,” he said, excitedly, on the telephone from his home in Connecticut last week. “I think about this as a time period of exile,” he continued. “I have separated myself from my friends, and from everyone, really, as I seek to clarify my relationship with my own work.”