Vital Weekly Reviews 1020

Source: Vital Weekly.

Dark Awake – Imago Typhonis (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Winterblood – LA via Di Never (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Karmiciel Wszy – Torre Bert (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Anemone Tube – Golden Temple (Cd by Rabbau) *
Electromagnetic Collective (2cd by Fibrr Records) *
Amute – Bending Time in Waves (Cd by Humpty Dumpty Records) *
Andrew Liles – Animal Magick (Cd by Tourette Records) *
German Army/novy Svet (Split 7″ by Tourette Records)
Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Güther – Unter Grund (Cd by Gruenrekorder) *
Rhein_strom – Von Der Rheinquelle Bis Hafen Karlsruhe (Cd by Gruenrekorder) *
Lasse-marc Riek – Schwarm (Cassette by Alarm)
Wendy Gondeln/Norbert Möslang (7″ by Meeuw Muzak)
Ogw – Lithopanspermia/floppy Jazz (Cdr by V-pong) *
James Freeman – Echoes of Nature (Cdr by Edgetone)
James Freeman – Echoes of Nature II (Cdr by Edgetone)
Nashville Electric – Orson’s Folly (Cdr by Edgetone)
Wil Bolton – February Dawn (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Garaliya – Ventricle Replicant (Cdr by Kvitnu) *
Jliat – 13th January 2016 Evening (Cdr by Jliat) *
Jeph Jerman – 34°111’3″n 111°95’4″w (Cassette by Mappa)
X-navi:et – Vox Paradox (Cassette by Wounded Knife)
Robert Ridley Shackleton/Brian Ruryk (Split Cassette by Hissing Frames)
Stephen Boyle/Brian Ruryk (Split Cassette by Theater Quality Control)