Ashley Fure Composer Portrait at Columbia Reviewed

Source: The New York Times.

Things veered off course from the first downbeat on Thursday when Columbia University’s Miller Theater offered a composer portrait of Ashley Fure. At the start of “Something to Hunt,” the International Contemporary Ensemble’s violinist Ben Russell raised his bow and hovered it above his instrument’s strings, eyes fixed intently on the conductor David Fulmer. But when Mr. Fulmer gave the cue, it was as if Mr. Russell’s right arm obeyed some faulty muscle impulse: instead of drawing the hair across the strings in the space in between bridge and fingerboard, his bow swooped down through the air toward the violin’s scrolls, then settled on the end of the neck. From there the bow slowly glided up along the length of the strings, producing a furry whisper that contained only the faintest hint of violin-ness within it.