Dirk Serries News

Source: dirkserries.com, two new albums:


Multi-instrumentalist Steven R. Smith and Dirk Serries teamed up for a collaborative album that is as familiar as it is different from their individual sonic endaevours. Made with electric guitars, fender rhodes, organs and all various types of bowed instruments, this album is about organic evolution. Each ‘mantra’ constructed from the directness of each instrument, meticulously layered against each other, creating the drone. Four long-form mantra’s, four harmonic themes that excel in their own beautiful organic progress over time. Released on Important Records‘ spin-off label Cassauna.


Dirk Serries and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) recorded the album Buoyant in 2015, which was released by Consoling Sounds. When electronic musicians collaborate, things are usually done by sharing files. Dirk and Rutger were never in the same room. They actually never played together before. Following the release of Buoyant, they were asked to perform at the famous Incubate festival in Tilburg, taking one of the tracks of Buoyant as a starting point. There was a brief soundcheck, but no rehearsing. Just a fair bit of confidence, with two guys communicating through sound and trusting each others strengths. It was one of those magical moments in which things seem to happen naturally, automatically, as if they were out of the musician’s control. Dirk and Rutger’s sounds melted organically into a fluent mass of sound. An elevation experience for both Dirk Serries and Rutger Zuydervelt as well as their audience.