Vital Weekly Reviews 1018

Cold Spring (label)

Source: Vital Weekly.

Troum – Acouasme (Cd by Cold Spring Records) *
Z’ev – Eleven Mirrors to the Light (Cd by Cold Spring Records) *
Colossloth – Outstretch your Hand for the Impress of Truth (Cd by Cold Spring Records) *
Joao Camoes & Jeanmarc Foussat & Claude Parle Bien Mental (Cd by Fou Records)
M.B. & Les Champs Magnetiques – Segmenti [a+b] (Lp by Tib Prod)
M.B. & Les Champs Magnetiques – Segmenti [C1+c2] (Lp by Tib Prod)
Zweitesystem – Systemversatz (Lp by Koi8-r)
Zov – Yedoma (7″ Lathe Cut by Cyland)
Zov – Radiolaria Oblystar (Cassette, Private)
Leif Elggren – Das Baank (Lp by Fragment Factory/rekem)
Brume & Edward Sol – Grey (Lp by Sentimental Productions) *
Zeitkratzer – Saturation (12″ by Bocian Records/musica Genera)
Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille – Strong & Foolish Heart/blue Ghost Blue (7″ by Tanuki Records)
Eric Lunde – the Fear of Appearing Monotonous Prevents Us from Recording Expressions Which,
upon Such Occasions, Are all Very Apt to Resemble Another (Cdr by Ballast) *
Matt Shoemaker – Flight/chromatic Splitting Injunction (Cassette by Elevator Bath)
Gianluca Favaron – Polline (Cassette by Silentes Tapestry)
Synth Pit – Asteria (Cassette by Tanuki Records)
Del Stephen – Unexpressed (Cassette by Vacancy Niagara)
Proto Proto/sick Days – 45 Minutes of Bleeding, Slowly/kings English (Cassette by Vacancy Niagara)
Martin Rach/kenn Brennan – Nightly/blue Moon (Cassette by Vacancy Niagara)