New William Parker Release Coming

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Source: Aum Fidelity.

On April 1, 2016, a new album of William Parker’s luminous compositions will be released on his own Centering Records imprint (distributed via AUM Fidelity). Stan’s Hat Flapping In The Wind features work from one of the jazz avant-garde’s most heralded figures, presented in one of the most traditional of formats: voice & piano duets. 19 new songs composed (words & music) by William Parker, and performed by Lisa Sokolov & Cooper–Moore Parker is – among his many great talents – a master of evocative song-craft, as readily evidenced on Corn Meal Dance, and very recently released Great Spirit, by his Raining On The Moon ensemble. The compositions and performances here are, as ever, illuminated with Parker’s devotion to compassion for all life. They touch on the possibility of peace and truth prevailing in the present.

Cuneiform Records January Releases

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Source: Cuneiform Records, five new albums out this week and next.

Empirical – Connection

While Empirical’s moniker implies cool detachment and disinterested observation, the quartet has become one of Europe’s top jazz ensembles by creating a bracing sound rife with roiling emotion. The band builds on the extroverted improvisational ethos of the 1960s New Thing, embracing oblique harmonies, translucent textures and jagged, quick shifting rhythms. Featuring Nathaniel Facey (alto saxophone), Shaney Forbes (drums), Lewis Wright (vibraphone) and Tom Farmer (bass), Connection is the fifth Empirical album. The band’s first release on the American label Cuneiform, it captures the ensemble at its most pure and potent.

Ergo – As subtle as tomorrow

With his embrace of open space and strategic use of silence, trombonist, composer, and sonic architect Brett Sroka has honed an inviting improvisation-laced sound in his trio Ergo, an electro-acoustic group approach that often reveals astonishing, strangely beautiful and unexpected realms. Featuring drummer Shawn Baltazor and Sam Harris on piano, prepared piano and Fender Rhodes.

Gary Lucas‘ Fleischerei – Music from Max Fleischer‘s Cartoons

Guitarist Gary Lucas, whose dauntingly eclectic career encompasses a formative stint with Captain Beefheart, a collaboration with Jeff Buckley very early in Jeff’s career and a recent duo album with underground singer/songwriter legend Peter Hammill was once called “the guitarist of a thousand ideas” by The New York Times. Lucas has long been a fan of Fleischer’s work and has wished to develop a band to present the music that was used in these cartoons. The music and era conjured up by the group is a gleaming confection from a hurly-burly era when the Jazz Age crashed into the Great Depression and Tin Pan Alley borrowed shamelessly from Harlem. To create the small band arrangements, Lucas enlisted virtuoso trombonist and arranger Joe Fiedler to craft zingy, modern-but-historically-grounded arrangements and to bring in a brilliant group of players, each one at home with the traditional as well as the exploratory: saxist Jeff Lederer, double bassist Michael Bates and drummer Rob Garcia.

Naima – Bye

If creating an unmistakable group sound is the ultimate goal of a jazz ensemble the Spanish trio Naima is well on its way to securing a spot as one of the leading combos on the contemporary European scene. Featuring Enrique Ruiz on piano and synths, Luis Torregrosa on drums, and Rafael Ramos Sania on bass, the Valencia-based electro-acoustic band has honed a dramatic, darkly romantic sound marked by astringent textures, arresting melodies, and tightly coiled rhythms.

The Ed Palermo Big Band – One Child Left Behind

Over the past two decades Ed Palermo has earned an avid international following with his brilliantly executed, reverently irreverent arrangements of Frank Zappa’s tempestuous and wildly inventive music. On previous albums the New Jersey saxophonist, composer and arranger infused the world of Zappalogy with his own brand of incisive wit and bracing improvisation. He doesn’t neglect Zappa on his fourth Cuneiform dispatch One Child Left Behind but instead of offering another full Frank immersion he turns his big band loose like it’s playing one of its regular gigs. Exploring an expansive array of moods and material, the band delivers an audaciously entertaining program that’s full of surprises.