Vital Weekly Reviews 1016

Source: Vital Weekly.

Celer – Akagi (Cd by Two Acorns) *
Gintas K – Message in a Bottle (Cd by Lietuvos Muzikos Informacijos Centras) *
Bambi Pang Pang – Drop your Plans (Cd by El Negotico)
Sven Kacirek – Songs from Okinawa (Cd by Pingipung)
Michael Vorfeld & Richard Scott & Frank Gratkowski – Sieben Entrükte Lieder (Cd by Creative Sources Recordings) *
Keda – Hwal (Cd by Parentheses Records) *
Ten Years Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (Cd Compilation by Domizil)
Lumisokea – Transmissions from Revarsavr (Lp by Opal Tapes)
Guido Gamboa – Saturday’s Notes (Lp by Pentiments)
Bit-tuner – A Bit of Light (Cdr by Ous) *
Winter Mass – Winter Mass (Cdr by Inversus Doxa)
Multimult – Zigzag (Cdr by Thirsty Leaves)
Matt Davignon – Pink Earth (Cdr by Ribosome Music) *
Brgs – 46/3/84/115 (Cdr by Zvocniprepihi) *
Jan Kees Helms – Bloot Geven (Cdr by Vent Records) *
the Sand Rays – Senor Trainwhistle (3″cdr by Ceil) *
Masda (Cassette, Private) *
Needle & the Pain Reaction – Porcupine (Cd by Naptr Records)