Vision Festival 21 Announced

Kidd Jordan playing saxophone at Luscher Schoo...

Source: PR web, an early announcement of the annual New York creative music fest.

On June 7, 2016, Arts For Art will celebrate its 21 years of the multi-arts Free Jazz Vision Festival in New York City. The events will be held at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Sq. South, New York, NY.

This year, Arts for Art is specially honored to acknowledge Henry Grimes with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his considerable artistic contributions. His musical genius earned him a legendary status, setting the highest standards both in mainstream and Free Jazz.

Highlights: Henry Grimes, Evan Parker, Cooper-Moore, Marshall Allen & the Sun Ra Arkestra, Kidd Jordan & Marlon Jordan, Hamid Drake, Joe Morris, Jemeel Moondoc, Michelle Rosewoman, Jen Shyu and many more!

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 2/2016

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Resonator: Reuben Bradley (Drums) Roger Manins (Saxophone) Miles Crayford (Piano, Rhodes, Synth) Mostyn Cole (Bass) Kirsten Te Rito (Vocals) James Illingworth (Synth) Tom Callwood (Arco Bass)fate and Processor

Fate and Processor: Colin Hemmingson, Ts, Ss, Cl, Bcl, Bassoon/ Dave Lisik, Electronics

Michael Bisio
Accortet: Michael Bisio, B/ Kirk Knuffke, Cor/ Art Bailey, Acc/ Micahel Wimberly, Dr

Seneca: Koh, P, Vo/ Dave Miller, Dr: Sean Ali, B

Milkfactory Prod
Amongst Smokestacks and Steeples: 3.5.7 Ensemble

Lew Tabackin
Soundscapes: Lew Tabackin, Ts, FL/ Boris Kozlov, B/ Mark Taylor, Dr

Beating the Teens: Ideal Bread-josh Sinton, Bari S/ Kirk Knuffke, Cor/ Adam Hopkins, B/ Tomas Fujiwara, Dr

Mike Mahaffay
East Meets West: Tres Gone Ensemble

Setola Di Maiale | Sho Shin Duo
Free the Cat: Sho Shin Duo-riccardo Marogna: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Electronics Riccardo LA Foresta: Drums, Percussions & Objects

Line Art Records
Bill Payne, Cl/ Eva Lindal, Vln/ Carol Leibowitz, P

Red Toucan
the Ten Thousand Things: Simon Rose, Bari S, as/ Stefan Schultz, P

Conceits: John Butcher, Ts, Ss/ Phil Durrant, AC Vln, Tbn/ John Russell, AC Plectrum G

from Now on!: Healing Orchestra

Susan Alcorn Interview


The harmonic sound-scapes Susan Alcorn creates with her pedal steel have become part of the broad effort to recover the experimental root of the different branches of folk genres, a project shared by musicians ranging from Takoma-label primitivism to Pauline Oliveros‘ accordian compositions to Ono’s punk gospel. Listening to Alcorn’s work — from her early recordings to her new album Soledad — one hears her stretching the pedal steel guitar’s ambient country strains through free jazz, minimalist drone, and a variety of world musics. The effect is an inspired transversal of contemporary and traditional genres.

Newsbits: Bennett & Cornford Release / Alio Die Interview / Matana Roberts in NY Reviewed / Nate Wooley’s Grant / Dresser, Mitchell, Melford, Dessen DVD

English: Matana Roberts, moers festival 2010

Bang the Bore has a new release out from Daniel Bennett & Stephen Cornford.

Santa Sangre has a short interview with Alio Die (Stefano Musso).

Jazz Right Now reviews Matana Roberts and friends at the Stone in NY.

Nate Wooley recently received a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

A DVD of Mark Dresser, Nicole Mitchell, Myra Melford, and Michael Dessen has been released.

Vital Weekly Reviews 1016

Source: Vital Weekly.

Celer – Akagi (Cd by Two Acorns) *
Gintas K – Message in a Bottle (Cd by Lietuvos Muzikos Informacijos Centras) *
Bambi Pang Pang – Drop your Plans (Cd by El Negotico)
Sven Kacirek – Songs from Okinawa (Cd by Pingipung)
Michael Vorfeld & Richard Scott & Frank Gratkowski – Sieben Entrükte Lieder (Cd by Creative Sources Recordings) *
Keda – Hwal (Cd by Parentheses Records) *
Ten Years Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (Cd Compilation by Domizil)
Lumisokea – Transmissions from Revarsavr (Lp by Opal Tapes)
Guido Gamboa – Saturday’s Notes (Lp by Pentiments)
Bit-tuner – A Bit of Light (Cdr by Ous) *
Winter Mass – Winter Mass (Cdr by Inversus Doxa)
Multimult – Zigzag (Cdr by Thirsty Leaves)
Matt Davignon – Pink Earth (Cdr by Ribosome Music) *
Brgs – 46/3/84/115 (Cdr by Zvocniprepihi) *
Jan Kees Helms – Bloot Geven (Cdr by Vent Records) *
the Sand Rays – Senor Trainwhistle (3″cdr by Ceil) *
Masda (Cassette, Private) *
Needle & the Pain Reaction – Porcupine (Cd by Naptr Records)