Nels Cline Interview

Source: David Lizerbram & Associates.

Not everyone who goes to L.A. makes it big, but some people who are from there can go all the way. Today we speak with Nels Cline, guitarist for indie rock megastars Wilco and longtime solo artist (including with his band The Nels Cline Singers) and collaborator with countless other music legends. Nels talks about growing up in West L.A.; being “one half” of a set of twins; cultural music lessons in public school; and inspiration from Ravi Shankar.

Avant Music Festival 2016

Source: Avant Media has announced the lineup and dates for this year’s festival.

Avant Music Festival 2016
3 Immersive Large-scale Events + 2 ‘Tangents’ Concerts

Feb. 20 – Mar. 5 at Wild Project in East Village, NYC
Adrian Knight + Tigue: 10-hour Day Trip, Feb. 20

John King: Micro-operas + Installation
W/ Joan LA Barbara + Gelsey Bell, Feb. 27

Randy Gibson: 3+ Hour Drone/video Epic
+ Installation, Mar. 5

TANGENTS: Jude Traxler’s Blowback for
percussion + “roaming click track,” Feb. 23

Dafna Naphtali’s Robotica song cycle for voice + robots, Mar. 1

Avant Music Festival, the annual signature event of Avant Media, returns for the seventh time with its most adventurous installment yet. Comprising three large-scale performance/installation events on consecutive Saturdays, and a pair of Tuesday-evening Tangents concerts, it takes place Saturday, February 20 to Saturday, March 5 at Wild Project in New York City’s East Village. Each Saturday event features a world premiere by a visionary composer/performer: Adrian Knight in collaboration with TIGUE (Feb. 20), John King (Feb. 27), and the organization’s Artistic Director, Randy Gibson (Mar. 5). All three works are commissioned by Avant Media.

Both Tangent concerts feature world premieres, from composer/performers Jude Traxler (Feb. 23) and Dafna Naphtali (Mar. 1). Other Festival performers include singers Joan La Barbara and Gelsey Bell; the percussion/electronics ensemble Mangobot (featuring members of Mantra Percussion, Either/Or, and Transit); the percussion trio TIGUE; and a vocal/instrumental sextet led by Gibson.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Delmark Records

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Steve Swell – Kanreki. Reflection & Renewal (Not Two, 2015) ***½
Ches Smith Trio – The Bell (ECM, 2016) *****
ROVA Channeling Coltrane – Electric Ascension Live (RogueArt, 2016) *****
Frank Paul Schubert / Rudi Fischerlehner – Willing Suspension of Disbelief (Not Applicable Records, 2015) ****
Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg – Mette Henriette (ECM, 2015) ****
Maciej Garbowski, Piotr Damasiewicz & William Soovik – Sesto Elemento (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2015) ****½
Max Johnson Trio – Something Familiar (Fresh Sound New Talent/Bandcamp, 2015) ****
Josh Berman Trio – A Dance And A Hop (Delmark, 2015) ****

Essay on Improvisation

Source: Arteidolia from our own Daniel Barbiero.

In his 1952 essay “The American Action Painters,” Harold Rosenberg set the template for a particular understanding of the abstract painting of the day. It was an understanding based on a mythology—mythology in the sense of a primal story that makes sense of something without having to be literally true. This was the myth of painting as spontaneous gesture, the product of which—the painting itself–was the record of an event. This event consisted in the existential encounter of the painter, acting freely and without any premeditated notion of what would result, with the blank canvas. As Rosenberg memorably put it, the empty picture plane became “an arena in which to act,” the site of a process rather than a place on which to paint a picture. Call it painting understood as performance. Like many clichés, this one became established because it did contain a core of truth. – See more at: