RIP Pierre Boulez

Composer, conductor, and new music advocate Pierre Boulez died yesterday at age 90.

Boulez was instrumental in my introduction to create / avant music 20-25 years ago. Through his connections with Zappa and Edgard Varese, I was introduced to his recordings of many modern composers, as well as his own works and those of other IRCAM composers.

In 1995, I attended the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Boulez conducting the works of Varese. Boulez began with a verbal introduction to the music of Varese, in which he explained that what were were about to hear was very “different.” In other words, he acknowledged that the audience might find the performance to be challenging, but that we should sit tight and for something both violent and emotional.

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The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Alex Ward Trios & Sextet – Projected / Entities / Removal (Copepod, 2015) ****
Ulrich Gumpert Quartett – A New One (Intakt, 2015) *****
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism – Hapax Legomena (RAT Records, 2015) ****½
Quatuor Machaut – Quatuor Machaut (Ayler, 2015) ****½
Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp – Complementary Colors (Leo, 2015) ****
Ivo Perelman, Mat Maneri & Tanya Kalmanovitch – Villa Lobos Suite (Leo Records, 2015) ****½
Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp & Whit Dickey – Butterfly Whispers (Leo Records, 2015) ****

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 01/2016

American Jazz musician and composer Mat Maneri.

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Last Tour: Steve Lacy Quintet-steve Lacy, Ss, Vo/ Irene Aebi, Vo/ George Lewis Tbn/ Jj Avenel, B/ John Betsch, Dr

Tuning out Tour: Veryan Weston, Org/ Jon Rose, Vln/ Hannah Marshall, Cello

Alvin P Buckley: Pierre Borel, S/ Louis Laurain, Tp/ Antonio Borghini, B/ Hannes Lingens, Dr

Never Odd Or Even: Jorrit Dijkstra, as, Lyricon, Etc

Bathysphere: Large Ensemble with Lots of Musicians

Matchbox: Jorrit Dijkstra – Alto Sax, Lyricon Pandelis Karayorgis – Piano Nate Mcbride – Bass Curt Newton – Drums

Outre-mesure: Marc Dosiere : Trumpet, Fluegelhorn Jerome Rosele : Tenor Saxophone Jean-louis Morais : Guitar, Compositions Olivier Verhaeghe : Bass Charles Duytschaever : Drums

Antipodes: Jerome Descamps : Trombone Christian Pruvost : Trumpet Nicolas Mahieux : Double-bass Peter Orins : Drums

the Transcendent Function: Mat Maneri, Viola/ Daniel Levin, Cello

Live at Culturgest: Luis Lopes, El G/ Jean Luc Guionnet, as

Requiem for a Jazz Lady: Ernie Krivda, Ts/ Lafayette Carthon, P/ Marion Hayden, B/ Renell Gonsalves, Dr

Amirani | Aut
Hotend: Dan Clucas, Cor/ Mark Weaver, Tba/ Dave Wayne, Dr, Elec

Tonefloat / New Wave of Jazz Releases

Source: Tonefloat.

Introducing a new exciting trio that unites US saxophone extravaganza JOHN DIKEMAN (Cactus Truck, Universal Indians, Dikeman/Parker/Drake), Belgian guitar experimentalist and veteran DIRK SERRIES (Yodok III, Fantoom, Kodian Trio) and legendary UK drummer STEVE NOBLE (N.E.W., Brötzmann/Noble). Met up for the first time on April 2nd 2015 at Soundsavers Studio in London, recording their first album. Their debut ‘Obscure Fluctuations’ was released on TROST from Austria to critically acclaim.
JOHN DIKEMAN : tenor saxophone
DIRK SERRIES : electric guitar

KODIAN TRIO, the new flagship of Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz label will release their debut album early March 2016. KODIAN TRIO born from the ashes of the insane quartet concert at Cafe Oto (London, UK) is UK saxophonist COLIN WEBSTER, UK drummer ANDREW LISLE and on electric guitar DIRK SERRIES. Webster, one of the rising starts in the UK improvisation scene and known for his collaborations with Archie Shepp, Joseph Bowie and Mark Holub. Andrew is a fascinating drummer, excelling in his abstract percussion and worked together with Alex Ward, Seymour Wright and Daniel Thompson. Dirk Serries slowly manifesting himself as a improvising guitarist, without his trademark drone or relying on his safety zone in looping structures, but more as a pupil of the great Derek Bailey.
COLIN WEBSTER : alto & baritone saxophone
DIRK SERRIES : electric guitar

Drumster KAREN WILLEMS (Inwolves, Zita Zwoon group), double bass player MARTINA VERHOEVEN (Fantoom, 3 Seconds Of Air) and experimental guitarist DIRK SERRIES are leading this Belgian trio into free improvisation. A musical language wherein the percussive abstraction and intuition of Karen Willems communicates with the experimental guitar minimalism of Dirk Serries and the wilful approach to the double bass by Martina Verhoeven. Initiating a drop that grows into a long-form improvisation, the interaction between the 3 players focusing onto detail, slowly structuring a cycle of themes and motives around silence, repetition, mood and dynamics. CYCLE is a trio that plays the musical balance between improvisation, minimalism and avant-garde.
DIRK SERRIES : electric guitar

Two New Recordings from the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Source: BMOP.

Chinary Ung: Singing Inside Aura offers a remarkable opportunity to view the compositional development of Cambodian American composer Chinary Ung. A recording of five orchestral works spanning over 40 years, the disc demonstrates a successful musical integration of Eastern and Western traditions into Ung’s individual musical language. Using dance rhythms and folk tunes from his native Cambodia, Ung’s creative spirit is rooted in ceremonial and spiritual meaning. The album’s earliest piece, Annica, written in 1970 at the Tanglewood Music Center, represents a compositional period that Ung identifies with a post Webern tradition. Grand Spiral: Desert Flowers Bloom, Antiphonal Spirals, and Water Rings Overture were composed within a four year period and display Ung’s imaginative and intricate mature style. Singing Inside Aura, written in 2013, offers a glimpse into an ongoing collaboration with the composer’s wife, Susan Ung, exploring the expressive possibilities of simultaneous instrumental and vocal performance.

BMOP/sound is thrilled to add Mason Bates: Mothership to its growing catalog. Demonstrating genre defying artistry, Bates is a seminal force in American music. “It’s such a rare and cherished opportunity to write for orchestra…and rare still to have the pieces make it onto a CD,” writes Bates. “Until this moment, very few pieces could be heard outside the concert hall. So the release of this CD is an incredibly special moment for me. These five works provide a look into a part of my musical world that I’ve been eager to record for a long time.” The album includes several of Bates’s most performed works in addition to ones that marked artistic breakthroughs for the composer. The disc’s eponymous work, Mothership, premiered in 2011 in a worldwide broadcast from the Sydney Opera House by the YouTube Symphony, features Bates’s signature combination of orchestra with electronica, as well as improvisations by two outstanding solo artists, Jason Moran on FM Rhodes and Su Chang on guzheng. The all acoustic tone poems Desert Transport and Sea Blue Circuitry, as well as the electro acoustic Rusty Air in Carolina, exhibit powerful imaginative catalysts. Taken together, this collection demonstrates why Mason Bates has become one of the most performed orchestral composers of the present day.