Nunc at National Sawdust in Brooklyn

Iannis Xenakis

On January 24, 2016 at 8pm, music organization Nunc will perform a concert of new and recent works at the Brooklyn venue National Sawdust, where Nunc’s founding director, violinist/violist Miranda Cuckson, is a guest curator.

The program:
Jonathan Dawe: “Roventi” (2015) for soprano and string trio *premiere*
David Fulmer: “Silence of the Sirens” (2015) for string octet *NY premiere*
Elliott Carter: “Four Lauds” (1984-2001) for solo violin
Michael Jarrell: “Eco III” (1994) for soprano and harp
Diego Tedesco: “Divertimento II” (2015) for violin concertante, bass, oboe, bassoon, harp and mandolin *premiere*
Iannis Xenakis: “Aroura” (1971) for 12 strings

This concert delves into the varied and multihued sonic world of the stringed-instrument family, both bowed and plucked, high and low, to which will be added the distinctive timbres of the oboe and bassoon and the human voice. Jonathan Dawe’s brief “Roventi” sets a text by Francesco Geminiani as an exuberantly off-kilter rendition of Baroque style. In David Fulmer’s “Silence of the Sirens”, an octet recently commissioned by the Gardner Museum of Boston, elegant filigree is threaded into large, graceful gestures. The “Four Lauds” of Elliott Carter – character pieces that delightfully capture qualities of friends of the composer – will be performed by Miranda Cuckson, who will also be somewhat featured in the intricately interwoven strands of “Divertimento II” by Argentine Diego Tedesco. Swiss composer Michael Jarrell’s “Eco III”, a delicately elusive, atmospheric take on a text by Luis de Gongora, will be performed by soprano Mary Mackenzie and harpist June Han. And in Xenakis’ wrenching and swooping “Aroura” for twelve string players, a work both rigorously rhythmic and wildly chaotic, the ensemble will be joined by six adventurous college students from Mannes and Juilliard.

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