John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez of Deerhoof Discuss Their Avant Garde Roots

English: Deerhoof band photo

Source: Heavy Metal Bebop, Dieterich and Rodriguez cover the Flying Luttenbachers, King Crimson, Anthony Braxton, Derek Bailey, and much more.

John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez—pictured, right and left, respectively—are two of my favorite guitarists. I love their work in Deerhoof (which Dieterich joined in 1999, and Rodriguez in 2008), but I first took notice of this pair of avant-rock wizards in Colossamite, a fearsomely intense and fascinatingly weird late-’90s Minneapolis post-hardcore-gone-post-Beefheart band who put out one incredible full-length and several EPs during their brief lifespan. Dieterich and Rodriguez’s deranged yet disciplined approach to their shared instrument—an effortless reconciliation of “classic” rock guitar and its outré avant-garde counterpart—was a large part of that band’s appeal, and the same is true of their ongoing contribution to Deerhoof.